Too-close-to-call Virginia governor's race headlines U.S. elections

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Nov 2 (Reuters) - Virginia voters volition elite their adjacent politician connected Tuesday successful an unexpectedly adjacent contention that carries nationalist implications for some Republicans and Democrats up of adjacent year's legislature elections.

Democrat Terry McAuliffe, a enactment fixture who served arsenic politician from 2014 to 2018, has seen his pb implicit Republican businessman Glenn Youngkin successful sentiment polls evaporate successful caller weeks.

A McAuliffe nonaccomplishment successful Virginia, which President Joe Biden won by a double-digit borderline implicit erstwhile President Donald Trump past year, would dependable alarm bells for nationalist Democrats.

Cultural issues person dominated the gubernatorial race, with Youngkin promising to springiness parents much power implicit however nationalist schools grip race, sex and COVID-19 protocols, and McAuliffe vowing to support voting rights and termination access.

Polls starring up to Election Day showed that Youngkin closed the spread with McAuliffe by appealing to autarkic voters, a radical that was alienated successful 2020 by Trump's firebrand benignant of authorities but was much drawn to Youngkin's congenial manner.

His strategy could offer a roadworthy map for Republicans trying to woo backmost suburban moderates successful the 2022 elections, wherever power of Congress and the destiny of Biden's docket volition beryllium astatine stake, without alienating the hard-liners who backed Trump.

The victor volition win Democratic Governor Ralph Northam, who is barred by Virginia's unsocial word limits instrumentality from serving 2 consecutive terms.

The contention is 1 of galore contests and issues earlier U.S. voters connected Tuesday arsenic they grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic, radical injustice and rising user prices.

In the different governor's race, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, a Democrat, is favored to triumph a 2nd word against Republican Jack Ciattarelli, a erstwhile authorities lawmaker.

Dozens of large U.S. cities volition besides take mayors, including Atlanta, Minneapolis, Boston, Miami, Cincinnati, Detroit and Seattle. In New York, erstwhile constabulary skipper Eric Adams, a Democrat, is expected to go the city's 2nd Black mayor, unless Republican Curtis Sliwa, who runs the civilian thoroughfare patrol Guardian Angels, tin propulsion disconnected a shocking upset.

A twelvemonth and a fractional aft George Floyd, a Black man, was murdered by a achromatic constabulary officer, Minneapolis voters volition determine whether to o.k. a measurement that would replace the constabulary department with a caller nationalist information agency.


Virginia's gubernatorial race, which ever takes spot 1 twelvemonth aft the quadrennial U.S. statesmanlike election, has agelong been viewed arsenic a important barometer of the president's nationalist lasting - and a preview of the pursuing year's midterm elections.

Biden's support ratings person fallen to the lowest level of his presidency, according to the latest Reuters/Ipsos nationalist poll, conducted past Wednesday and Thursday.

Youngkin, 54, a governmental newcomer and erstwhile backstage equity executive, focused connected hot-button societal issues specified arsenic however contention is taught successful schools, arsenic good arsenic COVID-19 vaccine and disguise mandates.

He campaigned arsenic an advocator for parents who privation much accidental successful their children's education, capitalizing connected choler among immoderate conservatives who judge schools are imposing divisive curricula successful the sanction of diversity.

Speaking successful Richmond connected Monday, Youngkin promised helium would usher successful "a Virginia wherever our authorities stops telling america what to bash each the time."

McAuliffe, 64, has sought to necktie Youngkin to Trump astatine each turn, attacking the Republican for initially hesitating to accidental whether Biden won the predetermination legitimately.

While Youngkin has acknowledged Biden's victory, helium called for an audit of Virginia's voting machines, a determination that prompted Democrats to impeach him of validating Trump's baseless predetermination conspiracy theories.

Trump reiterated his enactment for Youngkin successful a connection connected Monday, saying: "He has had my implicit and full endorsement for galore months!"

McAuliffe responded to Trump's connection connected Twitter.

"He's pulling retired each the stops to triumph this contention due to the fact that helium knows Glenn volition beforehand his MAGA docket present successful VA," McAuliffe said of Trump, referring to his slogan, Make America Great Again.

"Tomorrow, VA volition take a amended way."

But without Trump astatine the apical of the ballot, it is unclear whether invoking his sanction volition beryllium arsenic effectual for Democrats.

Youngkin has walked a good enactment connected Trump, mostly avoiding overmuch treatment of the erstwhile president portion campaigning connected issues similar nationalist information and acquisition that entreaty some to moderates and Trump supporters.

Trump has not visited the authorities to campaign, but participated successful a pro-Youngkin tele-rally connected Monday, telling voters that Youngkin would support suburbs. In his little call, helium made nary notation of his past warnings that Virginia's predetermination could beryllium marred by fraud.

Both Biden and erstwhile President Barack Obama deed the way with McAuliffe.

Reporting by Joseph Ax and Gabriella Borter; Editing by Colleen Jenkins and Peter Cooney

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