Trevor Noah Explains Why Trump Couldn't Declassify Something Mentally If He Tried

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Trevor Noah had a unsocial instrumentality connected erstwhile President Donald Trump’s claims helium could declassify authorities documents using lone the powerfulness of his mind.

Trump told Fox NewsSean Hannity connected Wednesday that arsenic president, “You tin declassify conscionable by saying, ‘It’s declassified.’ Even by reasoning astir it.”

“Trump is saying that helium declassified these documents conscionable by reasoning astir it, which I don’t adjacent believe,” Noah said Thursday connected “The Daily Show.” “Because it’ll beryllium the archetypal clip successful his beingness that Trump has thought thing and not said it retired loud. Think astir it. This is simply a antheral who thought to himself: ‘Ooh, if I wasn’t related to my daughter, I would day her.’ And past helium told everyone connected TV.”

“And by the way, if this each happened successful his head, you bash recognize that means present the FBI is going to person to raid his encephalon for the evidence,” Noah added. “That’s going to beryllium a nightmare for them.”

Watch Noah’s roast connected “The Daily Show” below:

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