Trevor Noah Highlights The 1 Lesson Trump Can Teach That Isn't On 'Law And Order'

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Trevor Noah is giving props to erstwhile President Donald Trump for his ineligible maneuverings aft the FBI discovered documents during a hunt of his Mar-a-Lago property past month.

“The Daily Show” host, who joked earlier successful the amusement that the “J” successful Trump’s sanction stood for “January 6,” provided an overview of the classified folders and materials discovered astatine the erstwhile president’s home. He besides discussed the Trump-appointed justice who approved a petition by the Trump’s ineligible squad to assistance a “special master” to reappraisal materials seized by the FBI.

Noah asked his assemblage if immoderate of them knew what a “special master” was earlier Trump’s ineligible squad request.

“I’ve watched 10 cardinal hours of ‘Law & Order.’ I cognize astir subpoenas. I cognize astir breaking the concatenation of custody, objections, sustained, overruled, broadside bar, successful my chambers.” Noah said. “But not erstwhile person I heard the word ‘special master.’ But erstwhile again, acknowledgment to Trump, due to the fact that of his hard enactment and dedication to doing crimes, we’ve each learned thing caller today.”

Watch the remainder of Noah’s commentary successful the video below:

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