Trevor Noah Takes Issue With Obama's 'Weird' White House Portrait

3 weeks ago 56

Trevor Noah doesn’t deliberation erstwhile President Barack Obama’s authoritative White House representation does him justice.

“I americium not an creation expert. I don’t cognize the quality betwixt Michelangelo and the different Ninja Turtles,” Noah quipped connected “The Daily Show” Wednesday. “But, what is going connected with the Obama portrait? Like, what wherefore is helium lasting successful a achromatic void? “I don’t get it. It looks similar helium got his representation taken astatine the DMV.”

Noah said helium took contented with the paintings due to the fact that they volition beryllium hanging successful the White House everlastingly truthful “they should look White House.”

“Like look astatine Michelle’s,” helium said. “She looks similar a movie prima painted by a French artist. Obama’s looks similar they ran retired of printer toner for the background.”

Watch Noah’s conception astir Obama’s “weird White House representation unveiling” below:

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