Triple murder siblings set to be sentenced today

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DANIELSON, CT (WFSB) - A member and sister are acceptable to beryllium sentenced connected Tuesday for a triple execution that happened successful Griswold backmost successful 2017.

Sergio and Ruth Correa were recovered blameworthy past twelvemonth of sidesplitting the 3 members of the Lindquist family.

According to an apprehension warrant, the incidental began arsenic an statement betwixt the Correas and Matthew Lindquist to speech guns and a harmless for drugs.

The plan, the documents said, was to necktie up Matthew Lindquist’s parents, Kenneth and Janet Lindquist, and bargain the guns and harmless successful a feigned robbery. The Correas would past springiness dugs to Mathew Lindquist.

Kenneth and Janet Lindquist.

Kenneth and Janet Lindquist.(Contributed)

However, erstwhile the siblings showed up to the Lindquist home, they were met by a panicked Matthew Lindquist, who fled.

The warrant said Sergio Correa pursued Matthew Lindquist into immoderate woods wherever helium deed and stabbed him.

The Correas past went into the Linquists’ location wherever they recovered Kenneth and Janet Lindquist.

Ruth Correa said, according to the documents, that Kenneth Lindquist had been beaten with a shot bat and Janet Lindquist was choked with a rope. Both were besides stabbed earlier the location was acceptable connected fire.

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