Trombone Champ is tooting its way to Nintendo Switch with four-player co-op

2 months ago 36

The toot-tacular indie darling Trombone Champ is releasing on Thursday on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

Announced during Thursday’s September Nintendo Direct, last year’s hilarious music rhythm game that was a sleeper hit on Steam is making the move to Nintendo Switch. The game also has new control schemes just for the Switch, allowing you to use the Joy-Con controllers’ motion or IR sensors to control your trombone pitch.

While the hilarious sound of these trombones may be calamitous enough, Trombone Champ on Switch is also getting four-player local multiplayer support — which, I can only imagine how ridiculous that may get in a living room full of people.

You probably won’t be able to add all kinds of wacky songs via mod support like you can on PC, but Trombone Champ on the Switch comes with nearly 50 songs across various genres that you can subsequently butcher with incessant tooting.

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