Truck driver remembers transporting WTC beam

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Tim Day from Sisters Towing and his woman transported a bargain beam from the South Tower of the archetypal World Trade Center to the Patriot Memorial successful Wellington.

They near Palm Beach County connected Dec. 6, 2010, and arrived astatine a hanger astatine JFK Airport successful New York wherever the beam was being stored arsenic grounds successful a transgression investigation.

Sister's Towing was escorted by Palm Beach Sheriff's Office deputies and different archetypal responders. Along the way down I-95, they were greeted by spectators with American flags wanting to drawback a glimpse of the beam. Washington D.C. archetypal responder's escorted the Days done traffic.

About the Patriot Memorial

In the Village of Wellington, determination is the Patriot Memorial. The alloy determination is from the South Tower. It's a spot much crumpled arsenic it was 7 floors beneath the interaction portion of United, Flight 175. This memorial has a fountain with an Eternal Flame.

"The Eternal Flame is 1 of those things that I deliberation signifies the continuing remembrance of everything that happened and those that, that gave their lives," said Jim Barnes the Village Manager of Wellington.

Barnes said 1 of the reasons the memorial is present is to assistance young students recognize the events of 9/11 and to assistance them ne'er forget.

"And to person a portion of it present disposable that you tin look scope retired and touch...for idiosyncratic who whitethorn not person adjacent been born. At that time, it makes it existent and makes it much understandable," said Barnes.

9/11 Memorial Plaza

"These bolts are welded connected astatine this constituent from the tremendous heat," said James N. Ippolito, Deputy Fire Chief for Palm Beach Gardens Fire Rescue arsenic helium took WPTV NewsChannel 5 connected a circuit of the 9/11 Memorial Plaza.

These memorials are important places of remembrance for the red, the blue, and a nation.

"For immoderate people, it's a portion of history. For others, it's a memorial, wherever you tin travel by and person immoderate clip is of immoderate sort, reflect, and for others, it's a cemetery for those who mislaid household members that were ne'er recovered arsenic a spot to travel by and to genuinely person a portion of that gathering successful that clip and that determination close present successful Palm Beach Gardens," said Ippolito.

A jagged 10-ton portion of the South Tower stands successful beforehand of Fire Station Number 3 connected Northlake Blvd.

"Every twelvemonth astir 9/11, we person a batch of radical that travel by and sojourn you'll spot radical spot photos and flowers rosary beads," Ippolito said.

The memorial's footprint is simply a Maltese transverse which is the honorary awesome of the occurrence department."

Panes of solid memorialize everyone who died that time with peculiar markers for archetypal responders, police, and firefighters who were fallen.

"There's not a time that goes by that we don't deliberation of the 343 firefighters that mislaid their lives that time doing what they do: risking their lives to prevention others," said Ippolito.

He recalls watching TV news, unrecorded from Ground Zero, and successful the background, helium heard an ominous eerie sound, "...and each you could perceive was conscionable arsenic deafening dependable of these devices."

Firefighter's question sensors detecting a problem.

"Unmistakable dependable and you knew that was conscionable hundreds of firefighters trapped, buried nether the rubble. They didn't cognize wherever they were, however to get them but you knew they were there, you knew they needed help," said Ippolito.

MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Event Center

In Port St. Lucie, an 11-foot girder beam from the World Trade Center is connected show successful a municipality with beardown ties to the New York Mets.

"That day, 20 years agone now, is bigger than New York and we're conscionable fortunate capable to person that here, wherever our residents tin spell and, and bespeak and ponder connected immoderate of the feelings that they’ve had," said Sgt. Keith Boham, the nationalist accusation serviceman of Port St. Lucie's Police Department.

It's a spot to grant fallen officers.

"You know, arsenic archetypal responders, we bash person a transportation with our brothers and sisters successful New York who not only, you cognize perished that time but continued," Boham paused to clasp backmost his emotions, but past continued, "[They] continued moving agelong hours, and done each kinds of accent and just, you know, very, precise tough, pugnacious conditions."

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