Trump Often Complained About 'Ugly' U.S. Navy Ships, Says Ex Defense Chief Mark Esper

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Former President Donald Trump complained repeatedly astir however “ugly” helium recovered U.S. Navy ships, his Defense Secretary Mark Esper revealed successful his upcoming book, according to The Hill.

In his book, “A Sacred Oath,” Esper writes that Trump preferred the “sleek” lines of Russian and Italian ships. The publication is owed retired Tuesday.

Esper had to punctual the then-commander-in-chief that the ships weren’t competing successful a quality contention (something Trump has acquisition with), but were made to powerfully and efficaciously prosecute successful battle.

“On aggregate occasions, the president complained that the U.S. Navy ships ‘look ugly,’ portion the Russian and Italian ships, for example, ‘look nicer, sleeker, similar a existent ship,’” wrote Esper.

“Maybe so, but arsenic I told the president successful defence of the Navy, ‘Our ships are built to combat and win, not triumph quality contests; we prize relation implicit form,’” helium said. “That didn’t fulfill him.”

While an unusual preoccupation for a president, Trump’s gripes astir the American ships were among the much benign Oval Office issues Esper reveals successful his book.

He besides divulged that Trump astonishingly suggested sending missiles into Mexico to people cause labs. “No 1 would cognize it was us,” Trump explained, according to Esper.

(Donald Trump Jr. tweeted past week that helium couldn’t fig retired what was “so bad” astir launching missiles into a overseas country. He was schooled connected Twitter that it’s ne'er a bully thought to weaponry allies.)

Esper besides recounts successful his publication however Trump asked him if his apical subject officials could order troops to sprout protesters demonstrating aft the constabulary sidesplitting of George Floyd. Trump fired Esper successful November 2020 aft Esper said publically helium did not enactment utilizing subject troops against the question of Black Lives Matter protesters.

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