Trump Proudly Shows Off New T-Shirt ― With 1 Glaring Flaw

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Donald Trump on Thursday proudly showed off a new T-shirt he hopes his fans will buy to help fund his campaign and legal defenses.

“You can go out and get it, have fun with it, but people do like it I must say,” the former president said in a video posted on his Truth Social website where he held up the $34 shirt.

It features his mug shot, which was taken after his most recent arrest, and the words “NEVER SURRENDER!”

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Truth Social

But there’s one problem: The image on the shirt shows him literally in the act of surrendering.

The mug shot was snapped when Trump surrendered to authorities in Georgia to be booked on charges related to alleged election interference.

“They make me look like a criminal,” Trump complained in his video, but insisted that the mug shot “totally backfired” because its allowed him to raise $10 million.

Proceeds from the shirt will go to Donald J. Trump for President 2024, Inc and Save America. The latter is the PAC he has been using to pay legal fees, among other expenses, and which USA Today reported this week was “almost broke” after burning through roughly $150 million.

“The people get it!” he said in the video as he hawked the mug shirt.

Trump’s critics on X ― aka Twitter ― disagreed:

He's like one of those guys outside of a concert selling the knockoff tour shirts.

— Devin Duke (@sirDukeDevin) September 1, 2023

Who’s going to sell the photo of him in his jumpsuit coming 🔜 ,it won’t be him

— debbie earley (@doxiedebbie) August 31, 2023

You know, next time somebody tells me
I just need to listen to Trump voters and try to understand them I’m going to politely boop that person on the nose, walk away and continue living in reality here on good ol’ planet Earth.

— Rex Huppke (@RexHuppke) September 1, 2023

Not The Onion. Not SNL.

This is a real-life American major party presidential candidate promoting T-shirts with his actual criminal mug shot on the front.

Lord help us all.

— John Corbett (@ErnestScribblr) September 1, 2023
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