Trump Rips Biden's Speech As 'Vicious, Hateful, and Divisive'

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Donald Trump launched an onslaught connected President Joe Biden astatine a rally successful Pennsylvania Saturday night, accusing him of delivering this week the “most vicious” and “divisive speech” ever by immoderate American president successful history.

“Biden gave the astir vicious, hateful, and divisive code ever delivered by an American president,” Trump told the crowd. “You’re each enemies of the state. He’s an force of the state!”

Trump was referring to Biden’s prime-time code Thursday. The uncharacteristically combative president called connected the federation to cull “extremist,” election-denying “MAGA Republicans” who endanger democracy.

“MAGA Republicans bash not respect the Constitution. They bash not judge successful the regularisation of law. They bash not admit the volition of the people, garbage to judge the results of a escaped election,” warned Biden, who said Americans “have to defend” democracy.

Trump noted the reddish lighting of Biden’s code — “like the devil,” helium added, calling Biden’s code a code of “hatred and anger.”

Trump was successful Wilkes-Barr, Pennsylvania, to boost the flagging races of his endorsed candidates, including erstwhile TV property Dr. Mehmet Oz — moving for Senate against Democratic authorities Lt. Gov. John Fetterman.

He besides plugged Republican authorities Sen. Doug Mastriano. The hard-liner is trailing his Democratic rival, Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro.

TRUMP connected Biden's speech: "The astir vicious, hateful, and divisive code ever delivered by a [U.S.] President... you're each enemies of the state. He's an force of the state, if you privation to cognize the truth. The force of the authorities is him and the radical that controls him." #TrumpRally

— Newsmax (@newsmax) September 3, 2022
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