Trump's Early Plans For Garish Bedminster Mausoleum Were Buried By Local Officials

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Donald Trump’s plans to physique a grandiose household mausoleum with 19-foot chromatic obelisks connected the grounds of his Trump National Golf Club successful Bedminster, New Jersey, were changeable down successful 2007 by section officials who recovered the design garish and retired of quality with the area.

Now there’s a single sedate connected the course — for Ivana Trump, the ex-wife of the erstwhile president and parent of his 3 oldest children. Following her July 20 funeral, she was buried not acold from the clubhouse and behind the archetypal tee successful a bare plot with a spray of flowers and tiny granite plaque.

The sedate appears to travel with taxation advantages for Trump and his play course.

New Jersey taxation code provides a “cemetery” with a “trifecta of taxation avoidance,” with breaks for property, income and income taxes, Brooke Harrington, a Dartmouth sociology prof and self-described taxation researcher, wrote connected Twitter. The authorities requires nary minimum fig of graves to suffice arsenic a cemetery, she added.

As a taxation researcher, I was skeptical of rumors Trump buried his ex-wife successful that bittersweet small crippled of ungraded connected his Bedminster, NJ play people conscionable for taxation breaks.

So I checked the NJ taxation codification &'s a trifecta of taxation avoidance. Property, income & income tax, each eliminated.

— Brooke Harrington (@EBHarrington) July 31, 2022

The taxation codification says immoderate onshore dedicated to cemetery purposes is exempt from each taxes. Cemetery companies are specifically exempt from paying immoderate existent property taxes oregon idiosyncratic spot taxes connected their lands, arsenic good arsenic concern taxes, income taxes, income taxes and inheritance taxes.

In the New Jersey Law Revision Commission, a “cemetery company” is defined arsenic “a person, corporation, relation oregon different entity that owns oregon operates a cemetery, reported Business Insider.

It’s unclear whether Trump, who famously pays astir nary national income tax, intends to prosecute the taxation advantages and however overmuch wealth is astatine stake.

The cemetery concern thought has been kicking astir for a while successful the Trump family.

Tax documents from the Trump Family Trust, published by ProPublica, amusement the spot sought successful 2014 to designate a spot successful Hackettstown, New Jersey, astir 20 miles from the Bedminster play course, arsenic a nonprofit cemetery company.

Trump’s aboriginal mausoleum thought successful 2007 got nowhere.

Bedminster’s then-Mayor Robert Holtaway argued earlier the metropolis assembly that the over-the-top operation could pull the incorrect benignant of people, The New Yorker reported. He compared it to a spot “in Austria wherever a Nazi warfare transgression was buried” that “became a tourer attraction,” according to the magazine.

Trump suggested the mausoleum could person versatile uses — specified arsenic a spot for weddings, and implicit the years submitted various different plans for cemeteries connected his property.

In 2014, The Trump Organization filed plans to physique duplicate graveyards astatine Bedminster, The Washington Post reported. One would beryllium a 284-plot cemetery offering gravesites for sale. The different would see 10 plots overlooking the archetypal tee for Trump and his family.

“Mr. Trump ... specifically chose this spot for his last resting spot arsenic it is his favourite property,” his institution wrote successful the plans.

Trump’s parents and his member Fred are buried unneurotic astatine All Faiths Cemetery successful Queens, New York.

Ivana Trump, the archetypal idiosyncratic buried astatine Bedminster, died July 14 astatine property 73 successful her Manhattan location aft a autumn down the stairs. Her decease was ruled accidental.

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