Trump’s ‘Lunatic’ Attack On Biden Gets Turned Right Back Against Him

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Donald Trump is getting the treatment on social media for an attack on President Joe Biden that his critics say sounds a lot like projection.

The former president has been posting videos of himself ranting against everyone from former President Jimmy Carter to special counsel Jack Smith.

But Trump has saved some of his deepest vitriol for Biden, this week accusing him of being both bribed and blackmailed, claiming he will start World War III, and vowing to make the entire Biden family “pay a price.”

“I think that crooked Joe Biden is not only dumb and incompetent, I believe he that has gone mad, a stark raving lunatic,” Trump said in another clip, in which he also called the president a “mental catastrophe.”

That rant was initially posted on Aug. 17, but took off on Tuesday when the ex-president shared it again on his Truth Social website, and then got passed around on X ― aka Twitter ― via attorney Ron Filipkowski:

Pretty comical to hear the Projection King say this about Biden today: “I believe that he has gone mad. A stark raving lunatic.”

— Ron Filipkowski (@RonFilipkowski) August 30, 2023

Critics fired back:

LOL. This might be his most amazing projection of all time. He lacks self awareness more than anyone I have ever seen.

I also don’t think there is another living organism who would describe Joe Biden that way, even people who hate him as much as Trump does. 🤣

— Spiro’s Ghost (@AntiToxicPeople) August 30, 2023
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