Tucker Carlson Can't Get Stephen Colbert And His Puppet Off His Mind

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Fox News big Tucker Carlson mostly ignored Tuesday’s explosive developments during the Jan. 6 House prime committee hearings and alternatively continued his attacks connected late-night big Stephen Colbert.

Carlson, who said the entry was an “insurrection” and “exactly similar what happened connected Jan. 6″ connected Friday, asked wherefore the “Late Show” unit didn’t spot akin consequences compared to those of the rioters who attempted to overthrow the 2020 statesmanlike predetermination by attacking the U.S. Capitol portion Congress met to certify electoral votes.

CBS, in a connection to The Hollywood Reporter past week, said the seven-person unit ― a radical that included Robert Smigel, the dependable of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog ― was determination for “authorized and pre-arranged” interviews and, aft a last interview, were successful the halls to proceed filming earlier their arrest.

Carlson, connected an occurrence of his amusement Tuesday, claimed the crew’s nonsubjective was to “break into,” “harass lawmakers” and “disrupt” legislature concern successful the building, Mediaite reported.

“All 7 of them were charged with unlawful entry,” Carlson noted.

“That’s the identical complaint that hundreds of Jan. 6 defendants person been prosecuted for. But, dissimilar Jan. 6 defendants, Colbert’s employees were not sent to the D.C. jailhouse for a twelvemonth and a fractional successful solitary confinement. No, they were released aft a nighttime down bars, and past they fled backmost to New York. Why is that?”

Carlson besides asked whether what Colbert’s unit did was “different” from what rioters did connected Jan. 6, 2021.

His enactment of enquiry besides dug into the comedic broadside of Colbert’s crew, specifically Smigel.

Carlson joked that a antheral who enactment his feet up connected House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s table was funnier than the dependable down the fashionable canine puppet.

“Be honest, it’s not adjacent close. The feline astatine Pelosi’s table is hilarious compared to the feline with the talking dog,” Carlson said.

Tucker: It's not adjacent close. The feline astatine Pelosi's table is hilarious compared to the feline with the talking canine and nary of them is fractional arsenic amusive again arsenic Donald Trump. pic.twitter.com/hxRzZwdplD

— Acyn (@Acyn) June 22, 2022

Colbert, during his Monday show, questioned radical drafting comparisons betwixt his unit and rioters.

He said comparing his staffers, including a “cigar-chomping” dog’s actions, to the Capitol attackers is “a shameful and grotesque insult” to the radical who died during the attack.

“And it obscenely trivializes the work and the courageousness the Capitol Police showed connected that unspeakable day.”

You tin perceive Colbert sermon his crew’s apprehension for “puppetry successful the archetypal degree” below.

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