Tucker Carlson Takes The Cake With Dumb New Conspiracy Theory

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Tucker Carlson is wondering wherefore “no 1 tin explain” onetime “popular president” Richard Nixon’s Watergate scandal.

The Fox News big told his Tuesday assemblage that Nixon, who won 49 states successful the Electoral College successful the 1972 election, won by the “biggest borderline ever.”

President Franklin D. Roosevelt, however, had a higher Electoral College borderline of triumph successful the 1936 election.

Carlson’s lead-off falsehood successful the segment, however, made mode for his skepticism connected the Watergate scandal.

“And past wrong a twelvemonth helium was disgraced, and six months aboriginal helium was gone ’cause Watergate, which nary 1 tin inactive explicate adjacent to this day,” Carlson said.

“That was intelligibly driven by authorities agencies, including the FBI.”

You tin ticker a clip of Carlson’s remarks connected Nixon and Watergate below.

Tucker Carlson implying that the heavy authorities took retired Richard Nixon, due to the fact that "no 1 tin explicate Watergate to this day," is excessively perfect. There's a literal signaling of Nixon talking astir paying disconnected the Watergate burglars, and however champion to bash it! pic.twitter.com/vH4bUKcWjr

— James Surowiecki (@JamesSurowiecki) September 21, 2022

Carlson’s assertion that “no 1 tin explain” a ungraded “driven by authorities agencies” tin usage the answers fixed by Nixon himself.

Transcripts of White House meetings revealed Nixon “repeatedly” discussed ways to wage Watergate burglars successful 1 meeting, The Washington Post’s Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein reported successful 1972.

Nixon told White House counsel John W. Dean III to travel up with $210,000 to wage 1 of the burglars tasked with taking documents from the Democratic National Committee office astatine the Watergate Office Building, according to the transcripts.

The transcripts revealed Nixon wanted to wage the burglars to “keep the headdress connected the bottle,” to “buy time” and “tough it through,” the paper reported.

The “Smoking Gun” portion of a conversation betwixt Nixon and then-White House main of unit H.R. Haldeman besides revealed the erstwhile president’s cover-up successful the ungraded that led to Nixon’s resignation.

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