Turkish national team alleges NBA player attacked by opposing team members

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Furkan Korkmaz successful  enactment   against Georgia's Rati Andronikashvili during a EuroBasket 2022 Group A lucifer  successful  Tbilisi, Georgia connected  September 4.

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The Turkish nationalist squad is threatening to propulsion retired of EuroBasket 2022 aft it says 1 of its squad members, NBA subordinate Furkan Korkmaz of the Philadelphia 76ers, was attacked Sunday aft being ejected from a game.

The Turkish squad is demanding information footage from the corridor wherever it believes 3 players connected the Georgia nationalist squad and information guards attacked Korkmaz.

Korkmaz, who is competing for his autochthonal Turkey, was ejected aft helium got into a confrontation with Georgia defender Duda Sanadze connected the tribunal aft being fouled during the 4th fourth of Sunday’s competition. Both players tin beryllium seen successful video from the crippled coming head-to-head successful a heated speech earlier some were yet ejected from the game.

In a statement, Turkish Basketball Federation vice president Ömer Onan said, “While Furkan Korkmaz was walking successful the hallway to the locker rooms with our trainer, Georgia’s players who were not connected the progressive roster attacked him.” He alleged information officers were besides involved.

CNN has reached retired to the Georgia Basketball National Federation but did not instantly perceive back. The 76ers declined to remark connected the incident.

Korkmaz hasn’t spoken astir the incidental publically but tweeted retired 3 Turkish emblem emojis connected his verified Twitter account. According to a source, Korkmaz was unharmed during the incident.

Turkey’s adjunct caput manager Hakan Demir told reporters successful a quality league it was 3 Georgian players and information unit who attacked the 76ers guard.

Demir added that the Turkish squad was determination to play hoops and that the disconnected the tribunal incidental has nary spot successful the sport.

“Of course, everything should beryllium connected the court, but unfortunately, what happened successful the corridors, what happened successful the locker rooms, it was not suited for the sport. We were expecting much hospitality and much man behaviors.”

Meanwhile, Onan has called connected the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) to merchandise camera footage from the corridor of wherever the incidental occurred oregon threatened the squad would permission the tournament.

When asked astir the incidental during the quality conference, Georgia’s caput manager Ilias Zouros said helium had not heard astir it.

FIBA Europe confirmed to CNN they were investigating the incidental but declined to remark until “establishing each facts.”

Georgia won the crippled against Turkey, 88-83 successful treble overtime, astatine Tbilisi Arena. Turkey has lodged an authoritative protest, claiming that during the incidental 22 seconds were wrongly taken disconnected the clock.

Turkey is scheduled to play Belgium connected Tuesday, portion Georgia faces Bulgaria.

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