Turtle missing for 223 days is reunited w/ family

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AVON LAKE, Ohio — Once thought 3 shells to the wind, a rebellious reptile named Tiny Tim evaded his owners successful Avon Lake and remained missing for 223 days until a accidental brushwood this week with a 12-year-old reptile enthusiast.

The treacherous communicative of Tiny Tim, a 12-year-old Horsfield’s tortoise, has been the speech of the Waterside Crossings subdivision successful Avon Lake this week aft this months-long flight from his outdoor enclosure ended with him being returned to his grateful and elated owner, 15-year-old Vanessa Baker.

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Tiny Tim, surviving his champion life.

Baker, whose lifelong affinity for turtles and tortoises of each shapes and sizes, received Tiny Tim arsenic a day contiguous erstwhile she turned four. Much similar his canine companions, Tiny Tim has go an indelible portion of the household — contempt doing everything successful his turtle powerfulness to get distant from them.

“I emotion turtles truthful much, and this was a imagination travel existent erstwhile I got him. Ever since then, helium has been the champion happening that has ever happened to me,” Vanessa Baker said. “All 10 years years that we’ve had him, he’s been trying to get retired of here.”

Tiny Tim’s estimation precedes him. All it takes is simply a fewer seconds of inattention and he’s disconnected to the races, methodically plodding his mode implicit concrete, chromatic and grass. He’s a tortoise connected a mission.

“There is ever determination other he’s got to be. I don’t cognize what it is. He’s a small traveler. He loves going everywhere,” Vanessa Baker said. “He’s ever going places.”

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Truth beryllium told, the tortoise had escaped a mates of times before. Each time, however, helium was rapidly recaptured, often ne'er making it past the neighbor’s bushes.

“When we got [Tiny Tim], I told Vanessa that Russian tortoises unrecorded for 50 years. He’s going to beryllium with you arsenic you spell to college. He’s going to beryllium with you astatine your archetypal apartment,” Katie Baker, Vanessa’s parent said. “He’s with you each the way. When helium near us, I didn’t deliberation that was going to beryllium the extremity of our story.”

One time past fall, aft years of plotting and planning, Tiny Tim had his moment. A tiny spread had developed successful his outdoor enclosure, giving him conscionable capable country to flight custody. This was his time. This was his "Shellshank" Redemption.

Known to excavation and burrow respective inches into the ground, Tiny Tim’s flight wasn’t detected by the Bakers until a time oregon 2 afterward. Days turned to weeks. Weeks turned to months. Hope of uncovering Tiny Tim began to wane.

“We didn’t deliberation we’d find him, really. It was wintertime and determination was snowfall and everything. We truly tried not to [lose hope],” Vanessa Baker said. “I didn’t deliberation I’d spot him again to beryllium honorable due to the fact that helium had been gone for 7 months.”

Immediately aft his escape, the Baker household printed "missing" posters with Tiny Tim’s bewildered look emblazoned connected the front. It looked similar a mugshot much than anything. In summation to posting the flyers astir their location and the adjacent walking trail, the household posted connected the neighborhood’s Facebook page.

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“With a mislaid dog, you know, determination is benignant of a protocol with that. With a mislaid tortoise, it’s each astir 'who lives adjacent us,’” Katie Baker said. “We didn’t perceive anybody reporting seeing him oregon anything. We mislaid anticipation for sure.”

As the snowfall yet turned to spring, determination was an adjacent greater threat: Lawnmowers. Ever still, the household kept searching for the reptile. Then, connected Wednesday, astir a mile distant from the Baker Family home, Tiny Tim was spotted by a keen-eyed transportation operator and inquisitive 12-year-old named Clayton Johnson.

“A transportation operator stopped successful the mediate of the street. He saw a turtle successful the roadworthy and helium asked maine if it was mine, which it wasn’t,” Johnson said. “[The tortoise] was moving beauteous accelerated — for a tortoise of course.”

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Johnson past gave chase, rapidly confirming that Tiny Tim was not a autochthonal taxon to Ohio. This accusation told him that Tiny Tim had to beryllium someone’s pet. A speedy Facebook station past near the Bakers feeling shellshocked.

“Right erstwhile helium posted it, wrong 5 minutes, respective radical started calling us,” Katie Baker said.

Using a chiseled scar connected Tiny Tim’s shell, the Bakers knew they had yet recovered their agelong mislaid tortoise. By sheer luck, Tiny Tim was unscathed and healthy. The Bakers judge helium mightiness person burrowed into the crushed adjacent the pond down their location and remained determination for a ample chunk of the winter.

“It was conscionable truly heartwarming. I’ve ne'er had an acquisition similar this truthful it was truly bully to get him backmost to wherever helium belongs,” Johnson said.

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