Two NYPD officers ready to bring home 17-month-old 'miracle baby'

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VALHALLA, New York (WABC) -- After months of betterment and training, 2 NYPD officers are taking their medically fragile kid location for the precise archetypal clip connected Thursday.

Officers Anna Rivera and Diana Vasquez person been grooming to attraction for 17-month-old River Omari Rivera since past fall.

He volition yet beryllium discharged from the infirmary connected Thursday.

River was calved aboriginal astatine 26 weeks owed to preeclampsia astatine 2 pounds, 2 ounces.

But being calved tiny and premature wasn't the problem.

"The happening that was antithetic astir River is that helium had immoderate benignant of apprehension of his lungs during the mediate of the gestation and arsenic a effect his airways were unusually small," said Dr. Dennis Davidson.

He was diagnosed with bronchopulmonary dysplasia, a chronic lung illness typically seen successful prematurely calved infants reliant connected intensive oxygen therapy.

River uses a ventilator to respire and a g-tube for nutrition.

He was admitted Blythedale Children's Hospital successful October 2021 for ventilator weaning and feeding therapy. Soon aft arriving, his mothers started grooming to bring him home.

The officers learned however to negociate his tracheostomy tube, respond if he's losing oxygen and spot and cleanable his g-tube for feedings.

"They would decidedly travel successful and oversee, but were we similar astatine location with him, successful the mediate of the nighttime changing diapers, suctioning," Rivera said.

River has made large advancement during his enactment astatine the babe and toddler unit.

He started afloat babelike connected his ventilator, but is present capable to respire independently and without ventilator support.

He is described arsenic a occurrence babe and a stone prima who has flooded adversity that his mothers accidental lone paves the mode for his aboriginal greatness.

"Everyone benignant of counted him retired and we had to propulsion guardant and conscionable say, you cognize not him, not our son," Rivera said.

This year, Blythedale opened a caller $1.3 cardinal state-of-the-art laboratory and genitor grooming halfway to assistance hole families to bring their medically analyzable children home.

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