Two teens charged for killing of 14-year-old

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RACINE — Two teens already facing charges for a February attempted shooting person been charged with murdering a 14-year-old successful March.

Emonjae James Kinney, 16, of the 1100 artifact of Park Ave., was charged with a felony number of first-degree intentional homicide and discharge firearm from vehicle.

Micah T. Lminggio, 15, of the 3200 artifact of Kinzie Ave., was charged with a felony number of first-degree intentional homicide arsenic a enactment to a crime.

Kinney is accused of firing the shots that killed Eugene “J.R.” T. Henderson successful March, with Lminggio facing charges for his alleged relation with the killing.

Henderson was a quiescent kid with an immense endowment for football, 1 of his erstwhile coaches told The Journal Times. A GoFundMe page to enactment his household raised much than $11,500.

According to a transgression complaint:

At 10:25 p.m. connected March 13, officers were sent to the 1800 artifact of Mead Street for a shooting.

Upon arrival, officers located a Chrysler with Henderson successful the rider spot suffering from a gunshot coiled to the head.

He aboriginal was transported via Flight for Life to a Milwaukee country hospital, but died.

Windows were shattered from slug damage.

Officers spoke to witnesses of the incident. One said they saw the operator of a achromatic SUV instrumentality his limb retired the model and changeable doubly earlier fleeing. Another witnesser said they heard of a crash, and an serviceman noticed a airy rod that was torn from the crushed lying crossed the sidewalk.

An researcher interviewed a rider of the Chrysler who said that a conveyance pulled up connected their near broadside and fired shots done the driver’s broadside and backmost windows. The conveyance past sped disconnected northbound.

The researcher reviewed video that showed the Chrysler and the acheronian SUV. The SUV was identified arsenic a bluish Ford Edge.

During the people of the investigation, the Ford Edge was located astatine the 3200 artifact of Kinzie Avenue, and had beforehand extremity harm accordant with hitting a pole. Officers noticed 2 individuals exit the residence and caput toward the car. One of them was identified arsenic Lminggio. Inside the car was an iPhone that belonged to Kinney. Location information showed it was successful the country of the shooting during the incident. It besides had a video of Kinney brandishing a weapon a fewer days earlier the shooting.

The researcher spoke with a idiosyncratic who said that helium was successful the Ford Edge with Lminggio, Kinney and different idiosyncratic during the shooting. He said Lminggio was the operator and Kinney fired shots from the Ford Edge into a conveyance earlier they fled.

Lminggio, Kinney and Lminggio’s younger brother, Micah T. Lminggio, 15, are each facing charges related to a February shooting.

The Lminggio brothers and Kinney are associated with the Dirty P gang.

Kinney was fixed a $500,000 currency enslaved and Lminggio was fixed a $300,000 currency enslaved successful Racine County Circuit Court connected Wednesday. Both person a preliminary proceeding connected June 29 astatine the Racine County Law Enforcement Center, 717 Wisconsin Ave., online tribunal records show.

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