U.S. Powerball worth world-record $1.6 billion in Saturday night drawing

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[1/2] A integer billboard advertizing Powerball’s Jackpot of $1.6 cardinal is displayed successful New York City, U.S., November 4, 2022. REUTERS/David 'Dee' Delgado/File Photo

Nov 5 (Reuters) - The U.S. Powerball jackpot that volition beryllium drawn connected Saturday nighttime is the largest lotto prize ever offered astatine an estimated $1.6 billion, breaking the erstwhile satellite grounds the crippled acceptable successful 2016, according to lottery officials.

No 1 has won the jackpot since Aug. 3, allowing the prize wealth to mushroom and generating tons of concern astatine state stations and newsstands astir the United States, wherever Americans bargain Powerball tickets for $2 a pop.

To triumph the large prize, a subordinate indispensable conjecture each six fortunate numbers, including the last "Powerball." Players person a 1 successful 292.2 cardinal accidental of winning the jackpot, and a 1 successful 24.9 accidental of winning a smaller prize, according to lottery officials.

Winners whitethorn elite to person their wealth arsenic an annuity, paid successful 30 graduated payments implicit 29 years, oregon a lump sum currency payment. Both types of winnings are taxable to national and section taxes.

The drafting volition hap astatine 10:50 p.m. EDT connected Saturday (0250 GMT connected Sunday) successful the Florida authorities superior of Tallahassee. It volition beryllium the 40th Powerball drafting since the Aug. 3 win.

The longest tally successful the past of the lottery ended connected Oct. 4, 2021, erstwhile a California summons holder won a $699.8 cardinal jackpot aft 41 drawings.

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