U.S. Surgeon General Melts Twitter With The Worst Possible Take On Ice Cream

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Thursday was National Ice Cream Cone Day, and astatine slightest 1 authorities authoritative picked a genuinely baffling mode to celebrate.

U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy posted a photograph of himself astatine an crystal pick basal marking the occasion. And portion radical mightiness expect the occasional finger-wagging lecture astir steadfast nutrient options from a surgeon general, what they did not expect was this:

An crystal pick cone without the crystal pick is similar pumpkin pastry without the pumpkin.

Some connected Twitter jokingly (or not) called for Murthy to beryllium impeached. Others pointed retired that helium serves 1 of the astir openly pro-ice pick presidents successful history. But astir noted that publically accepting an crystal pick cone without the crystal pick ― and past bragging astir it connected societal media ― was conscionable plain unacceptable:

It is 1 happening to consciousness this way, rather different to signifier a photograph sprout for societal media

(Eating bare crystal pick cones - WAFFLE CONES - is thing champion done alone, successful the dormant of night, cloaked lone by your ain shame) https://t.co/T3CYfVre3i

— Jess McGuire (@jessmcguire) September 23, 2022
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