U.S. to Provide $500 Million for Green Bonds, Yellen Says

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World|Yellen says the U.S. volition assistance rise $500 cardinal for greenish bonds.


Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen astatine  the COP26 successful  Glasgow.
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  • Nov. 3, 2021, 7:10 a.m. ET

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said connected Wednesday that the United States would enactment a financing mechanics that aims to nonstop $500 cardinal a twelvemonth to determination processing countries distant from coal-based vigor and toward wind, star and different low- and zero-carbon vigor sources.

Speaking astatine the United Nations clime talks successful Glasgow, Ms. Yellen acknowledged that portion affluent countries person promised billions of dollars to tackle clime change, the existent outgo is successful the trillions.

“I hold we each indispensable bash more, and the United States is stepping up,” Ms. Yellen said. But, she added, “the spread betwixt what governments person and what the satellite needs is large, and the backstage assemblage needs to play a bigger role.”

Financing for clime alteration initiatives remains an tremendous constituent of hostility astatine the U.N. talks. Wealthy countries person not met a committedness they made much than a decennary agone to rise $100 cardinal annually by 2020 to assistance mediocre countries — which person contributed the slightest to clime alteration but are suffering immoderate of the worst consequences — marque the modulation to cleaner vigor and physique resilience to fiercer storms, droughts and rising seas.

The Biden medication has promised $11.4 cardinal annually by 2024, but that is taxable to legislature approval. Ms. Yellen said connected Wednesday that the backstage assemblage besides needed to supply much financing.

Mark Carney, the erstwhile Bank of England governor, said that backstage funds to processing countries indispensable “dramatically standard up.” This week, Mr. Carney led an inaugural by fiscal groups to perpetrate to utilizing their $130 trillion successful assets to assistance countries deed their targets of reaching net-zero emissions by 2050.

The abstracted financing programme that Ms. Yellen described is designed to contented bonds and usage the proceeds to enactment cleanable vigor and sustainable infrastructure successful processing economies. The bonds volition beryllium issued by the Climate Investment Funds, a World Bank inaugural founded successful 2008, that invests wealth contributed by countries including the United States, Britain and Japan.

Many biology groups and organizations that correspond processing countries are skeptical of backstage finance. That is successful portion due to the fact that astir of that wealth tends to spell toward vigor projects that tin crook quicker profits, alternatively than the little lucrative but captious enactment of gathering oversea walls, planting mangroves and different efforts to assistance communities accommodate to the effects of clime change.

Jörn Kalinski, a elder advisor astatine Oxfam, said successful a connection that without clip frames and circumstantial dollar targets for adaptation, “poorer nations volition proceed to deficiency the resources they request to support lives, homes and businesses from upwind disasters.”

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