U.S. urges Ukraine to be open to talks with Russia-Washington Post

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[1/3] Ukrainian soldiers hole to occurrence a circular connected the frontline from a T80 vessel that was captured from Russians during a conflict successful Trostyanets successful March, arsenic Russia's penetration of Ukraine continues, successful the eastbound Donbas portion of Bakhmut, Ukraine, November 4, 2022. REUTERS/Clodagh Kilcoyne

  • U.S. urges Ukraine to beryllium unfastened to talks with Russia-report
  • Refusal to speech to Putin risks Ukraine support-Washington Post
  • State Dept says Russia escalating war, not superior astir talks
  • Russian retreat whitethorn mean surrendering Kherson city

WASHINGTON/KYIV, Nov 6 (Reuters) - The United States is privately encouraging Ukraine to awesome an openness to negociate with Russia, the Washington Post reported, arsenic the State Department said Moscow was escalating the warfare and did not earnestly privation to prosecute successful bid talks.

The paper cited unnamed sources arsenic saying the petition by American officials was not aimed astatine pushing Ukraine to the negotiating table, but a calculated effort to guarantee Kyiv maintains the enactment of different nations.

U.S. and Ukrainian officials acknowledged that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy's prohibition connected talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin had generated interest successful parts of Europe, Africa and Latin America, wherever the war's effects connected costs of nutrient and substance are felt astir sharply, the Post said.

"Ukraine fatigue is simply a existent happening for immoderate of our partners," it quoted an unnamed U.S. authoritative arsenic saying.

Zelenskiy signed a decree connected Oct. 4 formally declaring the imaginable of immoderate Ukrainian talks with Putin "impossible" but leaving the doorway unfastened to talks with Russia.

The White House National Security Council had nary contiguous remark connected the accuracy of the report.

A State Department spokesperson responded: "We've said it earlier and volition accidental it again: Actions talk louder than words. If Russia is acceptable for negotiation, it should halt its bombs and missiles and retreat its forces from Ukraine.

"The Kremlin continues to escalate this war. The Kremlin has demonstrated its unwillingness to earnestly prosecute successful negotiations since adjacent earlier it launched its full-scale penetration of Ukraine."

The spokesperson besides noted remarks by Zelenskiy connected Friday, successful which helium said: "We are acceptable for peace, for a just and conscionable peace, the look of which we person voiced galore times."

In his nightly code to the Ukrainian radical connected Friday, Zelenskiy added: "The satellite knows our position. This is respect for the U.N. Charter, respect for our territorial integrity, respect for our people."

U.S. National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said during a sojourn to Kyiv connected Friday that Washington's enactment for Ukraine would stay "unwavering and unflinching" aft Tuesday's midterm legislature elections.

The United States announced $400 cardinal worthy of additional information assistance for Ukraine, including refurbishing T-72 tanks from the Czech Republic and missiles for HAWK air defences that could beryllium utilized against Russian drones and cruise missiles.

The caller assistance brought the magnitude of U.S. subject assistance sent to Kyiv to much than $18.2 cardinal since the invasion.


In the latest motion of Russia's retreat successful 1 of the astir bitterly contested areas successful Ukraine, Putin publically endorsed the evacuation of civilians from parts of Ukraine's confederate Kherson portion connected Friday.

This appeared to beryllium the archetypal clip Putin has endorsed the evacuations personally, though Moscow has been ferrying radical retired of an country it controls successful Kherson connected the westbound slope of the Dnipro River.

Last week Russia said the evacuation portion would besides see a 15-km (10-mile) buffer country connected the eastbound bank.

Kyiv says the measures person included forced deportations of civilians, a warfare crime, which Russia denies.

Putin's comments came amid signs Russia could beryllium preparing to wantonness its subject foothold connected the westbound slope of the Dnipro, including Kherson city.

The determination superior is the lone large metropolis Russia has captured intact since its penetration successful February. Its nonaccomplishment for Russian forces would beryllium 1 of the severest blows of the war.

Pictures person circulated connected the net showing the main medication gathering successful Kherson metropolis with Russia's emblem nary longer flying atop it. Kyiv has been wary, saying specified signs could beryllium Russian deception to lure Ukrainian troops into a trap.

The fiercest warring implicit the past week had taken spot astir Bakhmut and Soledar, successful the eastbound Donetsk portion astir 500 km (300 miles) northeast of Kherson, Zelenskiy said precocious connected Friday.

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