Ukrainian adventurer draws on camping skills to prepare for harsh winter

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KYIV, Nov 7 (Reuters) - Facing a frigid wintertime with what whitethorn beryllium wide powerfulness outages successful war-torn Ukraine, motorcycle traveller and camping enthusiast Olena Bastun aims to spot it done by relying connected her immense acquisition connected the road.

"This is simply a question of survival," said Bastun, 53, who believes her nights sleeping successful tents successful Norway and Iceland successful sub-zero temperatures person prepared her for the acold and acheronian confronting Ukrainians this winter.

Ukrainian infrastructure has been hammered by Russian aerial strikes successful caller weeks amid the full-scale Kremlin penetration launched connected Feb. 24. Energy providers person implemented rolling blackouts to forestall an overload and transportation retired repairs.

Bastun, who has visited 117 countries with her hubby connected 2 wheels, has stocked up connected caput lamps, gas, tents and sleeping bags, arsenic good arsenic a portable fridge and star sheet and a scope of snacks from Vietnam, Germany and the United States.

Much of the instrumentality was talented by her son, who is serving arsenic a medic successful the Ukrainian military.

"I ne'er intended to usage a camping structure successful Kyiv," she told Reuters from wrong her surviving country successful the Ukrainian capital, laughing arsenic she demonstrated however to acceptable up the accessory.

"Life didn't hole maine for this."

Bastun added that she erstwhile needed to enactment up a structure wrong her edifice country during a travel to Papua New Guinea.

Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko precocious told Ukrainian media the metropolis was preparing for the imaginable of full outages of power, heating, and moving water.

He urged residents to see moving to exigency accommodation extracurricular Kyiv with entree to autonomous h2o and heating proviso successful the worst-case script of a full blackout.

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