UN Chief Asks World For 'Massive' Help In Flood-Hit Pakistan

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ISLAMABAD (AP) — U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said Friday that the satellite owes impoverished Pakistan “massive” assistance successful recovering from devastating floods due to the fact that different nations person contributed overmuch much to clime change, which experts accidental whitethorn person helped trigger the deluge.

Months of monsoons and flooding person killed 1,391 radical and affected 3.3 cardinal successful this South Asian federation portion fractional a cardinal radical person go homeless. Planeloads of assistance from the United States, the United Arab Emirates and different countries person begun arriving, but there’s much to beryllium done, Guterres said.

Nature, the U.N. main said successful Islamabad, has attacked Pakistan, which contributes little than 1% of planetary emissions, according to aggregate experts. Nations that “are much liable for clime alteration ... should person faced this challenge,” Guterres said, seated adjacent to Pakistani Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif.

“We are heading into a disaster,” Guterres added. “We person waged warfare connected quality and quality is tracking backmost and striking backmost successful a devastating way. Today successful Pakistan, time successful immoderate of your countries.”

The U.N. chief’s travel comes little than 2 weeks aft Guterres appealed for $160 cardinal successful exigency funding to assistance those affected by the monsoon rains and floods that Pakistan says person caused astatine slightest $10 cardinal successful damages. On Friday, the archetypal planeload arrived from the U.S. , which Washington says is portion of an upcoming $30 cardinal successful assistance.

“I entreaty for monolithic enactment from the planetary assemblage arsenic Pakistan responds to this clime catastrophe,” Guterres tweeted aft landing successful Pakistan earlier Friday.

I person arrived successful Pakistan to explicit my heavy solidarity with the Pakistani radical aft the devastating floods here.

I entreaty for monolithic enactment from the planetary assemblage arsenic Pakistan responds to this clime catastrophe.

— António Guterres (@antonioguterres) September 8, 2022

He said different nations contributing to clime alteration are obligated to trim emissions and assistance Pakistan. He assured Sharif that his dependable was “entirely astatine the work of the Pakistani authorities and the Pakistani people” and that “the full U.N. strategy is astatine the work of Pakistan.”

“Pakistan has not contributed successful a meaningful mode to clime change, the level of emissions successful this state is comparatively low,” Guterres said. “But Pakistan is 1 of the astir dramatically impacted countries by clime change.”

Later, Guterres directed his words to the planetary community, saying that by immoderate estimates, Pakistan needs astir $30 cardinal to recover.

So far, U.N. agencies and respective countries person sent astir 60 planeloads of aid, and authorities accidental the UAE has been 1 of the astir generous contributors and sent truthful acold 26 flights carrying assistance for flood victims.

Also Friday, Samantha Power, the head of USAID, met with Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari successful Islamabad.

Arrived successful Pakistan. Have ne'er seen truthful overmuch h2o connected land. Melted glaciers & unprecedented monsoon rains flooded 1/3 of the country. @USAID’s Disaster Assistance Response Team is connected the crushed supporting authorities efforts to get food, structure & medicine to those astir impacted. pic.twitter.com/aZ5FFanFxY

— Samantha Power (@PowerUSAID) September 8, 2022

The floods person touched each of Pakistan, including practice sites specified arsenic Mohenjo Daro, a UNESCO World Heritage Site considered 1 of the best-preserved past municipality settlements successful South Asia. The civilization that dates backmost 4,500 years, coinciding with those of past Egypt and Mesopotamia.

The U.N. practice bureau connected Thursday announced it would nonstop $350,000 to assistance retrieve flood-damaged taste practice sites.

Since June, dense rains and floods person added caller burdens to cash-strapped Pakistan and highlighted the disproportionate effect of clime alteration connected impoverished populations. Experts accidental Pakistan is liable for lone 0.4% of the world’s historical emissions that are blamed for clime change. The U.S. is liable for 21.5%, China for 16.5% and the European Union for 15%.

The floods successful Pakistan person besides injured 12,722 people, destroyed thousands of miles of roads, toppled bridges and damaged schools and hospitals, according to the National Disaster Management Agency.

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