Unique 'KC Brick Store' opens in Overland Park

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. (KCTV) - A caller store successful Overland Park is celebrating its expansive opening today, hoping to bring retired the kid successful each of us.

There was already a enactment good earlier the caller KC Brick Store adjacent opened its doors.

The store buys and sells caller and utilized Lego. It’s the lone store of its benignant successful the metro.

“Yeah, it’s a imagination travel true,” said Dan Barton.

Dan and Eric Barton collected Lego for years, preparing for this day.

There are Lego sets, idiosyncratic bricks, and Lego people.

“I similar to instrumentality radical isolated and physique caller people,” said 1 lawsuit named Andrew.

Some radical are looking for circumstantial Lego.

“I’m looking for immoderate knights, swords, and helmets maybe,” said Victor Yarin.

There’s a batch to spell through.

“It’s a lot,” said Yarin. “The astir I’ve seen astatine 1 spot astatine a time. Definitely. Like, a trillion present successful 1 spot.”

“I’m having amusive rearranging the Legos,” said lawsuit Rubner Sanchez. “You get to physique immoderate you want.”

“This is simply a truly well-put-together store,” Yarin said. “Like, for the archetypal utilized Lego store successful Kansas City, they’re doing a large job.”

“It’s been truly good,” Dan Barton said. “We’ve had a batch of radical coming successful saying, ‘You know, this is thing we’ve needed successful the country for a agelong time. I’m truthful gladsome you guys person done this.’”

He said there’s adjacent much to come. He said helium ran retired of clip earlier helium could get everything connected display.

“There’s ever going to beryllium thing new,” helium said. “There volition ever beryllium a antithetic store each clip you locomotion in.”

The Bartons program to person events astatine the store, specified arsenic gathering nights and competitions. They’ll adjacent big day parties.

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