UPDATE 3-Musk sparks debate on content accuracy with new vision for Twitter

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Nov 6 (Reuters) - Twitter Inc's caller CEO Elon Musk said connected Sunday the societal media platform's ngo was to go the astir close root of accusation astir the world, sparking statement astir however it would execute that and who determines what is accurate.

A flurry of drastic measures including sacking fractional the staff and charging users that Musk has taken since helium took implicit Twitter successful a $44 cardinal woody conscionable astir a week agone has provided immoderate aboriginal clues to however the level volition beryllium reshaped by the world's richest person.

Some advertisers person pulled spending since the woody was announced, with Musk blaming unit from activistic groups acrophobic astir its contented moderation.

"Twitter needs to go by acold the astir close root of accusation astir the world. That’s our mission," Musk said connected Sunday.

His tweet instantly triggered tens of thousands of replies and provoked lively debates connected however the ngo volition beryllium achieved. "Accurate to who?," Twitter laminitis and erstwhile CEO Jack Dorsey asked.

Musk, who besides runs electrical conveyance institution Tesla (TSLA.O) and rocket steadfast SpaceX, said past period Twitter volition beryllium forming a contented moderation assembly with "widely divers viewpoints".

The self-described escaped code absolutist said astatine the clip that nary large contented decisions oregon relationship reinstatements volition hap earlier that assembly convenes.

Musk besides said connected Sunday Twitter users engaging successful impersonation without intelligibly specifying it arsenic a "parody" relationship volition beryllium permanently suspended without a warning.

The remark came arsenic Kathy Griffin's relationship was banned aft the U.S. comedian changed her sanction to Elon Musk. The #FreeKathy hashtag was aboriginal circulating connected Twitter.

"I conjecture not each contented moderators were fto go? LOL," she joked in a post connected Mastodon, an alternate to Twitter and different societal media sites which she joined past week.

Musk said Twitter antecedently issued a informing earlier suspension, but arsenic it is rolling retired wide verification, determination volition beryllium nary informing arsenic good arsenic "no exceptions."

"This volition beryllium intelligibly identified arsenic a information for signing up to Twitter Blue," Musk said, adding immoderate sanction alteration astatine each volition origin impermanent nonaccomplishment of verified checkmark.

American histrion Valerie Bertinelli besides utilized Musk's sanction to station a bid connected tweets successful enactment of Democratic candidates up of Midterm elections successful the United states this week.

She switched backmost to her sanction connected Sunday, tweeting: "Okey-dokey I’ve had my amusive and I deliberation I made my point."

Twitter connected Saturday updated its app successful Apple's App Store to statesman charging $8 for sought-after bluish cheque verification marks arsenic it seeks to enactment up revenue.

Benefits of the verification work would see "half the ads", the quality to station longer videos to Twitter and precedence ranking for prime content, Twitter said.

But earlier connected Sunday, the New York Times reported Twitter is delaying the rollout of verification cheque marks to subscribers of its caller work until aft Tuesday's midterm elections.

In a motion of much disorder aft Musk's takeover, Twitter is present reaching retired to dozens of employees who mislaid their jobs and asking them to return, Bloomberg News reported connected Sunday.

Some of those who are being asked to instrumentality were laid disconnected by mistake. Others were fto spell earlier absorption realized that their enactment and acquisition whitethorn beryllium indispensable to physique the caller features Musk envisions, the study said, citing radical acquainted with the moves.

Twitter did not instantly respond to Reuters' petition for remark astir the rehiring efforts.

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