US, Canadian warships sail through Taiwan Strait after Biden vows to defend island

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(CNN)US and Canadian warships sailed done the Taiwan Strait connected Tuesday pursuing play remarks from President Joe Biden that the US would support Taiwan in the lawsuit it is attacked by China.

A US Navy ship, the Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Higgins, conducted a "routine Taiwan Strait transit" connected Tuesday, US Navy spokesperson Lt. Mark Langford said successful a statement.

The US vessel conducted the transit "in practice with Royal Canadian Navy Halifax-class frigate HMCS Vancouver," Langford said.

    The 2 ships "transited done a corridor successful the Strait that is beyond the territorial oversea of immoderate coastal State," Lt. Langford said. The transit "demonstrates the committedness of the United States and our allies and partners to a escaped and unfastened Indo-Pacific," Lt. Langford added.

      Tuesday's transit marked the 2nd clip successful conscionable implicit 3 weeks that a US Navy warship had made the voyage. The guided-missile cruisers USS Antietam and USS Chancellorsville did truthful connected August 28.

      Since US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's sojourn to Taiwan successful aboriginal August, the US has witnessed a melodramatic summation successful the fig of Chinese subject ships and submarines astir Taiwan, a US defence authoritative told CNN.

      Maybe Biden means it connected  Taiwan

      Though the US called the transit "routine," it comes aft Biden added substance to tensions betwixt Washington and Beijing implicit Taiwan, telling CBS's "60 Minutes" that he would usage US troops to support the land if China tried to invade.

        The strait is simply a 110-mile (180-kilometer) agelong of h2o that separates the antiauthoritarian self-ruled land of Taiwan from mainland China.

        Beijing claims sovereignty implicit Taiwan -- an land of 23 cardinal radical -- contempt China's ruling Communist Party ne'er having controlled it. Beijing besides claims sovereignty, sovereign rights and jurisdiction implicit the waters of the Taiwan Strait nether Chinese instrumentality and its mentation of the United Nations Convention connected the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS).

        The US Navy, however, says astir of the strait is successful planetary waters, citing a UNCLOS explanation of territorial waters arsenic extending 12 nautical miles (22.2 kilometers) from a country's coastline. The US regularly sends its warships done the strait, making dozens of specified transits successful caller years.

        In the CBS interview, Biden was asked whether "US forces, US men and women, would support Taiwan successful the lawsuit of a Chinese invasion."

        "Yes," the US President replied.

        The comments reiterate a pledge to support Taiwan that Biden has antecedently made, though Sunday helium specified that "US men and women" would beryllium progressive successful the effort.

        Canadian Ministry of Defence Head of Media Relations Daniel Le Bouthillier confirmed Canada participated successful the transit connected Tuesday.

        "Following larboard visits successful Jakarta, Indonesia, and Manila, Philippines, HMCS Vancouver sailed done the Taiwan Strait on with the USS Higgins, arsenic this was the astir nonstop navigational route. This sail was done successful afloat accordance with planetary law, including precocious seas navigation rights arsenic outlined successful the UN Convention connected the Law of the Sea," Le Bouthillier told CNN.

        Chinese craft and ships were contiguous done "various parts" of the US and Canadian ships' transit, US subject confirmed, but "all interactions with overseas subject forces during the transit were accordant with planetary standards and practices and did not interaction the operation," Langford said.

        Beijing swiftly condemned Biden's play comments and repeated its informing that China reserves the "option to instrumentality each indispensable measures" to support its territorial integrity and sovereignty.

        "The US remarks earnestly interruption the one-China rule and the provisions of the 3 US-China associated communiqués. It is besides a superior usurpation of the important committedness made by the US broadside not to enactment Taiwan independence," China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Mao Ning said successful a briefing Monday.

        "It sent a superior incorrect awesome to the separatist forces of Taiwan independence. China expresses its beardown dissatisfaction and steadfast absorption and has made superior representations to the US side," Mao added.

        US and Canadian warships past went done the strait astatine the aforesaid clip 11 months ago, erstwhile the destroyer USS Dewey and frigate HMCS Winnipeg made the trip.

          After that transit, Senior Col. Shi Yi, spokesperson for the People's Liberation Army Eastern Theater Command, said successful a written connection that "the US and Canada made provocations with odious quality and stirred up troubles successful cahoots, which earnestly jeopardized the bid and stableness crossed the Taiwan Strait."

          Chinese person Xi Jinping has said that "reunification" betwixt China and Taiwan is inevitable and refused to regularisation retired the usage of force. Tensions betwixt Beijing and Taipei are astatine the highest they've been successful caller decades, with the Chinese subject holding large subject drills adjacent the island.

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