US embassy in Havana will resume full immigrant visa processing next year

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(CNN)The Biden medication announced Wednesday that starting aboriginal adjacent year, the US Embassy successful Havana, Cuba, volition resume afloat migrant visa processing for the archetypal clip since 2017, arsenic borderline officials contend with an expanding fig of Cubans astatine the US confederate border.

The determination is portion of a concerted effort to grow ineligible pathways to the United States, which was laid retired successful the Los Angeles Declaration connected Migration and Protection during the Summit of the Americas successful June.

US Citizenship and Immigration Services is besides expanding the fig of unit successful Havana to process cases and behaviour interviews arsenic portion of the Cuban Reunification Parole Program. The program, which resumed successful August, allows definite US eligible citizens and lawful imperishable residents to use for parole for their household Cuba truthful they tin reunite successful the US.

    "These efforts are a cardinal measurement to conscionable the U.S. committedness nether the U.S.-Cuba Migration Accords to guarantee that full ineligible migration to the United States from Cuba volition beryllium a minimum of 20,000 Cubans each year, not including contiguous relatives of U.S. citizens. The State Department continues to measure further expanding visa services successful Havana arsenic conditions permit," the medication said successful a merchandise Wednesday.

      Cubans person been journeying to the US-Mexico border, arsenic good arsenic confederate Florida, successful expanding numbers implicit the past year. In August, US Customs and Border Protection encountered conscionable implicit 19,000 Cuban migrants on the US-Mexico border, up from 4,496 past August, according to the latest disposable data.

        Frosty relations with countries specified arsenic Cuba and Venezuela has kept the US from removing people, posing a greater situation to the administration.

        "Failing communist regimes successful Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Cuba are driving a caller question of migration crossed the Western Hemisphere, including the caller summation successful encounters astatine the southwest U.S. border," CBP Commissioner Chris Magnus said successful a connection earlier this week.

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