USOPC must better recognise value of Black athletes: racial justice council

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Nov 4 (Reuters) - The United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee (USOPC) indispensable bash a amended occupation of recognising the publication and worth of Black athletes, peculiarly astatine the elite level, beyond the tract of play, a U.S. athlete-led assembly said connected Thursday.

The Team USA Council connected Racial and Social Justice said successful a study that Black athletes had repeatedly stated they did not consciousness they are valued by the USOPC community.

The USOPC and National Governing Bodies (NGBs) should make programs and initiatives that show their organizational committedness to racially minoritized groups and the worth these groups bring to the movements, the study said.

It besides called for a radical equity audit to find retired the demographic make-up of idiosyncratic sports' NGBs and stakeholders, and found policies for individuals to study favoritism portion expanding ineligible support.

The assembly said that portion it drew from the experiences of Black athletes, it noted that those from different minoritized groups, specified arsenic athletes with disabilities oregon LGBTQ+ athletes, should consciousness arsenic valued by the USOPC.

Reuters has requested remark from the USOPC.

Council seat Moushaumi Robinson, a 2004 Olympic golden medallist successful way and field, said that portion determination had been advancement the USOPC had to bash more.

"We've seen actionable alteration successful the past year, but this is conscionable the beginning," said Robinson. "We volition proceed to spot alteration arsenic the organizations that marque up the movements look to make a better, much inclusive assemblage for all."

Reporting by Rory Carroll successful Los Angeles; Editing by Peter Rutherford

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