Valedictorian With Nonverbal Autism Delivers Inspiring Commencement Address

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A assemblage valedictorian astatine Rollins College successful Orlando, Florida, with nonverbal autism delivered an inspiring commencement code to her graduating people with the assistance of text-to-speech bundle connected Monday.

Valedictorian Elizabeth Bonker, a 24-year-old wide arts graduate, urged her classmates to usage their dependable during their graduation ceremony.

“God gave you a voice. Use it,” she said.

“And no, the irony of a non-speaking autistic encouraging you to usage your dependable is not mislaid connected me,” Bonker continued. “Because if you tin spot the worthy successful me, past you tin spot the worthy successful everyone you meet.”

Rollins College valedictorian Elizabeth Bonker ’22, who's affected by non-speaking autism and communicates solely by typing, urges her chap graduates to usage their voices, service others, and spot the worth successful everyone they meet.

Hear her message:

— Rollins College (@rollinscollege) May 9, 2022

Bonker addressed the galore hardships she endured portion being autistic, including a remark made by the main astatine her precocious schoolhouse earlier she graduated astatine the apical of her people astatine Rollins College.

“A communicative connected the beforehand leafage of our section paper reported however the main astatine my precocious schoolhouse told a unit member, ‘The retard can’t beryllium valedictorian,’” she said. “Yet today, present I stand. Each time I take to observe the tiny victories, and contiguous I americium celebrating a large triumph with each of you.”

According to, an estimated 40% of radical with autism are non-speaking — 31 cardinal worldwide. Only a tiny fraction of non-speakers person been taught however to communicate.

When Bonker was born, she could verbally communicate until she was 15 months old. As she described to Stephanie Rizzo, adjunct manager of editorial contented successful the selling bureau of Rollins, “my words were inexplicably taken from me.”

“My parents took maine to Yale Medical School, wherever I was diagnosed with autism,” she said. “Despite what the doctors said, my parents ne'er gave up connected me. They recognized that I was a reasoning idiosyncratic trapped successful a soundless cage.”

During her undergraduate studies, Bonker started a nonprofit, Communication 4 All, which aims to physique consciousness and instrumentality enactment to assistance non-speakers with autism entree acquisition and connection help, according to her website.

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