Vecna's childhood home from 'Stranger Things' goes on sale for $1.5 million

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The Georgia location   utilized  arsenic  the Creel household  location  successful  Netflix's 'Stranger Things' was constructed successful  1882.

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“Stranger Things” superfans tin present unrecorded successful the precise aforesaid location wherever play 4 villain Vecna archetypal developed his supernatural powers – if they dare.

Vecna, the antagonist of play 4 of Netflix’s deed bid “Stranger Things,” started disconnected arsenic a regular lad named Henry Creel. The bid documents his upbringing successful the Creel location done flashbacks. He dilatory realizes helium has psychokinetic powers and begins utilizing them to wounded and yet termination his parent and sister.

The real-life location that acted arsenic the Creel location successful the amusement is simply a 140-year-old mansion located successful Rome, Georgia. The location is officially for merchantability for $1.5 cardinal done brokerage Toles, Temple, and Wright, according to the listing.

The residence was constructed successful 1882 by Colonel Hamilton Yancey, according to the listing. Many of the home’s archetypal details, similar handcrafted bookshelves and an antique partition safe, are inactive successful place.

And Vecna isn’t the lone unusual happening astir the house: It besides features a cast-iron urinal.

The 6,000 quadrate ft location has 7 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms, according to the listing. There’s besides a impermanent location down the main house.

But you won’t find Vecna connected the premises anymore.

“Not to worry, the erstwhile nonmigratory of the 3rd level has since been relocated by a azygous exterminator - we think,” the listing said.

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