Veteran creates technology to detect gunfire, create routes to safety

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NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) - You anticipation you ne'er find yourself successful an progressive shooter situation, but there's ever a possibility.

A section decorated Marine seasoned who is skilled successful effect to these incidents says astir likely, your earthy instincts volition footwear successful and sometimes that tin enactment you successful harm's way. 

Ernie Williams has created a caller strategy that helium believes volition help. Go-To-Green volition archer you what to bash if you brushwood an progressive shooter. 

Its patented sensors volition observe the dependable of gunfire successful an indoor oregon outdoor space, past make routes to information utilizing the basal colors successful postulation lights. 

The greenish lights volition usher you to information and volition blink successful lawsuit you're colorblind. The reddish lights mean don't spell that absorption due to the fact that the shooter is nearby. 

The Go-To-Green operations halfway volition beryllium communicating with their clients astir what they're seeing.

"They tin get a representation of the shooter identifying who helium is and the limb we tin presently see," Williams said. "If helium has weapons hidden, we won't beryllium capable to archer you that.. and we tin archer you the absorption he's taking."

The exertion besides provides accusation connected the shooter's whereabouts to instrumentality enforcement. They get automated updates sent to their phone.

The City of Anna is the archetypal with plans to instrumentality this technology. 

"Right present we're getting acceptable to enactment it successful City Hall and we're treatment to spell further," Williams said. 

Two section schoolhouse districts and a mega religion are nether consideration. 

Williams says to instal this strategy successful a schoolhouse costs astir what a schoolhouse would wage for a acceptable of shot cogwheel for 1 year. 

"Depending connected the size of the schoolhouse astir $50,000 - $100,000," helium said. 

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