Veteran walking 3,000 miles to raise awareness

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CINCINNATI — There are radical who speech astir doing something, and past there’s Kenny Mintz.

“If you judge successful something, spell retired and bash thing astir it. That's my message,” Mintz said.

Homefront met up with Mintz arsenic helium trekked done Ohio arsenic portion of his 3,000-mile travel crossed the United States.

“Walking 3,000 crossed the state isn't casual it's an escapade and adventures are hard," Mintz said.

He’s not conscionable walking crossed the state to deterioration retired astir 7 pairs of Altra Lone Peak 4 shoes. Mintz is connected a ngo to rise consciousness and spot the state helium served.

“This is our state I served for 34 years and truthful I privation to travel retired and conscionable my people, the radical I was warring for, and spot the onshore I was warring for,” Mintz said.

The retired Army Colonel started April 1 astatine the Lincoln Memorial successful Washington D.C. with a extremity to yet marque it to the sandy beaches of San Diego wrong 7 months.

Along the route, he’s raising wealth for a fistful of causes. First, the Pancreatic Cancer Network to assistance with research. He mislaid his parent to the illness successful March 2020.

“I was reasoning astir however she was warring this crab each time and her courageousness and the travel she had taken, and it motivated maine to privation to bash this,” Mintz said.

The different causes are tied to our veterans — 1 being peculiarly personal.

“The Johnny Mac Fund is 1 of the different charities I'm walking for, and they'll supply a assistance to charities that springiness scholarships to children of fallen work members,” Mintz said. “I'm doing that successful grant of 1 of the soldiers I mislaid arsenic a battalion commandant successful Afghanistan.”

That worker was Jordan Morris.

Mintz’s full battalion mislaid 14 soldiers during a twelvemonth of combat successful Zharay District successful Afghanistan successful Kandahar Province.

The different foundation benefiting from Mintz’s locomotion is the Independence Fund - Operation Resiliency. The nonprofit focuses connected intelligence wellness and the simplification of seasoned suicide. In part, they put company-sized portion reunions.

“The extremity is to guarantee the portion that experiences the conflict together, experiences healing together,” according to the Independence Fund website.

His logo features a Sasquatch carrying an American flag, thing helium says depicts himself arsenic the red, achromatic and bluish shows his work and those helium walks for portion Big Foot rather virtually represents his size 12 shoes. The purple connected the logo represents pancreatic crab awareness.

A fig of radical person joined Mintz for a mile, 2 oregon 12. He’s had household members, strangers and adjacent chap West Point officers from his graduating people lace up their shoes and articulation the mission.

“Come locomotion with maine is 1 of the conflict cries if you will,” Mintz said.

Anyone who wants to articulation Mintz arsenic helium makes his mode done Ohio and down into Kentucky and Illinois tin cheque retired his updated way connected his Facebook leafage Kenny Walks Across America.

You volition besides find further links connected his Facebook leafage tied to his causes should you take to donate.

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