Video shows fatal shooting of teen by officer

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOV) - News 4 has obtained exclusive video of an officer-involved shooting that killed a St. Louis teenager.

Police accidental 16-year-old Darryl Ross ran from constabulary and was reaching for a weapon erstwhile officers changeable him.

“He ran. What we are trained to bash is outcry ‘police! stop!’ and helium kept going,” says Lt. John Green with the St Louis Metropolitan Police Department (SLMPD).

“He was moving due to the fact that helium was scared,” says household spokesperson, Anastasia Syes.

Ross’ household believes the teen was wrongfully killed and some officers should beryllium suspended without pay.

“Murdered, overkilled by the police,” Syes says. “The constituent is helium didn’t propulsion the weapon connected the police. He didn’t sprout oregon adjacent purpose towards pulling the weapon connected the police.”

The fatal shooting happened conscionable aft 11:30pm astatine the Shell state presumption astatine the intersection of North Florissant and St. Louis Avenue. Investigators person refused to merchandise the afloat 9-minute video to the public, citing an ongoing investigation.

News 4 received 2 clips of the deadly shooting from the state presumption surveillance cameras. The archetypal clip shows Ross moving from police. The 2nd video shows him reaching for an entity connected the ground. Police accidental helium was trying to drawback a gun. Ross’ loved ones don’t agree.

“That’s excessive unit connected a kid that was down and you’re lasting implicit his body. You could person tased him. You could person grabbed him. The gun’s connected the ground,” Syes says.

“I did observe a gun. The taxable did resist, and the serviceman drew his limb and went to deadly force, that’s what I observed,” says Lt. Green.

“The parent truly wants maine to bring consciousness that the constabulary request to beryllium trained better. She’s acknowledging that her kid had the gun. She’s besides acknowledging that helium was a bully kid,” Syes says.

According to police, officers were surveying the state presumption that nighttime arsenic portion of a cause sting operation. Police accidental Ross was selling drugs, but the household says otherwise.

“There is not wide grounds successful that footage that immoderate wealth oregon immoderate drugs exchanged hands,” Syes says.

News 4 besides learned SLMPD has shown the afloat surveillance video to a radical of section ministers. Dr. Linden Bowie was 1 of those clergy members.

“That’s an upsetting video. Whenever you witnesser a beingness taken successful its ain film, that’s upsetting,” says Bowie. “I don’t needfully deliberation that I should person been shown earlier the public.”

On Tuesday, the metropolis coroner’s bureau updated News 4 connected the presumption of Ross’ autopsy results. Police person not revealed however galore shots were fired.

“The lawsuit for Darryl Ross is not finished. It takes astir 2-3 months for a decease certificate and an autopsy study to beryllium completed,” says Ashley Weekes of the Medical Examiner’s Office. “Once the autopsy study is completed and the lawsuit is closed past I person to get support to merchandise the lawsuit arsenic it is simply a homicide.”

“There are a batch of loopholes and unanswered questions that the constabulary truly request to reply connected this case” Syes says.

Ross’ ceremonial is acceptable for aboriginal this week.

The St. Louis Public School confirms helium attended Vashon High School.

The presumption of the 2 officers progressive remains unknown.

Mayor Tishaura Jones has seen the video and a spokesperson released the pursuing statement:

By releasing the video to the family, assemblage stakeholders, and the press, the Department of Public Safety is keeping the nationalist informed portion inactive protecting the integrity of an ongoing investigation. Community leaders person already noted that this is simply a large measurement guardant for the metropolis and is successful enactment with the mayor’s committedness to transparency with the assemblage astir this incident.

As a parent of a teenage son, Mayor Jones recognizes the tragic circumstances that led to Darryl Ross losing his beingness are acold excessively acquainted for younker crossed our city, which is wherefore she remains committed to creating harmless places and bully opportunities for our young people. She has seen the video and is awaiting advancement successful the investigation.

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