Video shows officers hitting 2 men during takedown

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MIAMI (WSVN) - Cellphone video of a pugnacious constabulary takedown successful Miami’s Wynwood vicinity has sparked accusations of excessive force, but investigators said the video does not archer the full story.

The video shows a City of Miami Police serviceman repeatedly punching a antheral lying connected the pavement adjacent to a sidewalk extracurricular Centro Wynwood, a nightclub adjacent Northwest 23rd Street and Second Avenue, aboriginal Friday morning.

“I got that connected video,” Antonio Ordonez, the antheral who recorded the video, is heard saying to police.

Hours later, Ordonez spoke with 7News astir the incident.

“[The officer] is conscionable hitting him nonstop,” helium said.

Several feet away, different antheral lying connected the crushed is seen putting his manus down his backmost earlier an serviceman slams his caput into the concrete.

“Stop resisting!” the serviceman is heard saying successful the video.

One of the men successful the video, his look bloodied and swollen, ended up successful the hospital. Three others were taken to jail.

Speaking with 7News connected Friday, Ordonez said helium and his buddies were leaving the nightclub erstwhile determination was a scuffle with different radical of men outside.

“He conscionable sucker punched my person close successful the lip,” helium said.

Ordonez said a combat broke out, and past the men who started it took disconnected running. Police officers arrived soon after.

“You conscionable saw the 2 officers unreserved in,” said Ordonez.

Ordonez said helium took retired his telephone and began signaling what happened next.

“[An officer] knocked him to the floor, and arsenic soon arsenic helium knocks him to the floor, he’s conscionable hitting him, hitting him,” helium said.

But according to police, Ordonez’s camera didn’t drawback it all.

Video posted online by Only successful Dade shows officers besides taking hits.

The apprehension study states 3 of the men resisted officers’ commands and threw punches.

An serviceman wrote a antheral “hit maine successful my rib area/waist and grabbed maine aggressively and pushed me.”

The 2nd serviceman stated, “I was struck connected my close broadside of my face.”

In the apprehension report, the officers said the men refused to obey commands and described their hits astatine “strikes for compliance.”

But Ordonez said he’s definite the officers went excessively far, and his video shows it.

For example, Ordonez said, the antheral who had his caput slammed against the pavement was really consenting to beryllium taken into custody.

“[The officer] tackled my person down, he’s saying’ Stop resisting.’ [My friend] is really trying to springiness [the officer] his hand, but [the officer] has his afloat value connected him that helium can’t truly get [his hand] out. He’s trying to [locate], ‘Hey, here’s my hand,'” helium said.

Ordonez said helium is filing a ailment with the Miami Police Department.

“I get it. Fine, you privation to enactment him down, marque definite helium doesn’t spell anywhere. I recognize 100%, but the punching was inexcusable,” helium said. “They are expected to support and serve. All they did– that was battle connected their part.”

One of the men faces disorderly intoxication, and 3 others were charged with artillery connected a constabulary officer. One antheral remains successful the infirmary and requires surgery.

A spokesperson for Miami Police issued a connection that reads, “Pursuant to its interior probe protocols, the Miami Police Department is actively reviewing each video and testimonial grounds related to the usage of unit and volition instrumentality due enactment if immoderate violations are identified.”

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