Villanova warns students of man targeting women

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VILLANOVA, Pa. (CBS) -- Villanova students are being asked to instrumentality a bully look astatine the representation of a man. Police accidental helium whitethorn beryllium connected the prowl targeting unsuspecting women connected campus.


Villanova University says a antheral has committed crimes connected field successful the past. Now, helium is accused of preying connected pistillate students.

On Wednesday night, Villanova is telling students to stay vigilant aft constabulary accidental this fishy is down a fig of crimes connected campus. Now, he's accused of taking photos of pistillate students, and students accidental this caller accusation is disturbing.

Villanova University is blasting retired a photograph of 40-year-old Eugene Hammen to everyone connected campus.

University constabulary accidental he's the antheral who broke into a student's country successful Good Counsel Hall past October implicit the Fall semester break.

Then, 4 months ago, constabulary accidental Hammen struck again and was arrested for loitering extracurricular Caughlin Hall.

After a months-long investigation, the assemblage is issuing a caller information informing aft constabulary accidental Hammen besides took pictures of pistillate students extracurricular residence halls connected South Campus.

"I was beauteous disturbed. I cognize things similar this don't usually get taken earnestly connected a assemblage campus, truthful I was beauteous disturbed by that," Julia Volberg, a student, said.

CBS3 was told the victims person been notified.

During some incidents, the assemblage says Hammen was driving a 2014 acheronian bluish Ford Transit van.

Villanova does not judge he's returned to field precocious but since he's nary longer successful jail, his representation is being shared and students are being told to beryllium connected alert.

"They had a database of immoderate of the charges helium was being accused of and it's conscionable scary to cognize idiosyncratic retired determination is lurking and preying connected immoderate of the students astir here," Patrick Maggitti, a student, said.

Police accidental Hammen has nary transportation to the University.and since past Fall, information has been accrued by adding much lighting, cameras and a licence sheet scholar technology.

But students are being told to stay vigilant aft Hammen is accused of targeting the field aggregate times. 

"It's decidedly scary," pupil Jamie Pennington said, "but I cognize Villanova is ace alert of it, particularly from past year, truthful I deliberation everyone feels beauteous harmless however Villanova is handling it."

CBS3 was told Hammen has been issued a nary trespass bid and is told to enactment disconnected the campus.

But anyone who sees him is being urged to telephone police.

Hammen has been charged with burglary, loitering and transgression trespassing. He's owed successful tribunal successful November for a preliminary hearing.

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