Virginia Election Results: Democrats Near Disaster As Republicans On Verge Of Clean Sweep

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Glenn Youngkin, a vocation backstage equity enforcement moving his archetypal campaign, is poised to decision erstwhile Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D) successful Tuesday’s predetermination for Virginia governor, notching what would beryllium the archetypal statewide triumph for a Republican determination since 2009 and dealing a large stroke to the nationalist Democratic Party. Vote tallies successful the races for lieutenant politician and authorities lawyer wide suggest a GOP expanse for each 3 offices.

The Associated Press has not called the race, but Youngkin is racking up ample wins successful agrarian counties and appears to person bested Donald Trump’s margins successful capable Democratic and suburban counties to beryllium headed for victory.

Youngkin branded himself aboriginal successful the contention arsenic a mean outsider and targeted plaything voters with ads that focused connected taxation cuts, charter schools and raises for teachers and constabulary officers.

But helium and Virginia Republicans leaned successful to the blimpish civilization warfare successful the closing stages of the contest, staking the run connected mendacious claims that Democrats had helped dispersed the teaching of “critical contention theory” passim Virginia nationalist schools, mischaracterizing the alleged intersexual battle of a Virginia schoolhouse pupil to stoke anti-trans hysteria and peddling immoderate of Donald Trump’s favorite lies astir elector fraud and “election integrity.”

In the end, the effort to clasp the issues that would thrust up turnout among conservatives portion inactive pitching himself arsenic thing other to voters successful the mediate appeared to person worked.

McAuliffe came retired and spoke to his supporters gathered astatine his office astatine astir 10:15 p.m. Tuesday, refusing to concede contempt the numbers appearing to plaything against him. “We’re going to proceed to number the votes, due to the fact that each azygous Virginian deserves to person their ballot counted,” helium said to cheers from the crowd.

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