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Republicans had a bully predetermination night.

Glenn Youngkin aft  defeating Terry McAuliffe successful  Virginia.
Credit...Melissa Lyttle for The New York Times

David LeonhardtIan Prasad Philbrick

Nov. 3, 2021, 6:37 a.m. ET

Democrats had a unsmooth predetermination night. They mislaid the governor’s contention successful Virginia, a authorities Joe Biden won by 10 percent points lone a twelvemonth ago. In New Jersey, which Biden won by 16 points, the governor’s predetermination is too adjacent to call.

So what bash Democrats bash now?

They person 2 basal options. The archetypal is for legislature Democrats to effort to region themselves from Biden and driblet his legislative agenda. The 2nd is for the enactment to determine that its champion accidental astatine governmental betterment involves passing that docket — which is inactive broadly popular, polls show.

It is hard to spot however Democrats would payment from the archetypal option. But it’s not wide whether they stay unified capable to propulsion disconnected the second.

Yesterday’s elections were surely alarming for Democrats. Glenn Youngkin became the archetypal Republican to triumph a top-of-the-ticket contention successful Virginia since 2009, beating Terry McAuliffe, 50.7 to 48.6 percent. Republicans besides look to beryllium connected way to triumph the lieutenant politician and authorities lawyer wide races, and to instrumentality power of the Virginia House of Delegates.

In New Jersey, Gov. Phil Murphy, a Democrat, looks apt to propulsion disconnected a adjacent win. “Seems similar astir each of the remaining ballot batches volition thin Democratic, successful galore cases beauteous heavily,” Ryan Matsumoto of Inside Elections wrote. But the concern remains uncertain — and a adjacent Democratic triumph successful New Jersey is inactive surprising.

Why are voters truthful unhappy with Democrats? The main crushed appears to beryllium the pandemic, which has disrupted mundane beingness and the planetary system for longer than galore radical expected.

Republican candidates person besides focused voters connected a acceptable of societal issues, similar constabulary backing and alleged individuality politics, successful which high-profile progressive positions are sometimes retired of measurement with nationalist opinion. As The Times’s Lisa Lerer wrote: “The crushing setbacks for Democrats successful heavy suburban Virginia and New Jersey hinted astatine a conservative-stoked backlash to the changing mores astir contention and individuality championed by the party.”

(In Minneapolis, the tract of George Floyd’s murder, voters yesterday rejected a ballot measurement that would person replaced the city’s constabulary section with a Department of Public Safety.)

These developments — the pandemic, supra each — person caused a crisp descent successful Biden’s support rating. “As Democrats effort and marque consciousness of the wreckage tonight, 1 information stands retired arsenic 1 of the easiest explanations,” The Times’s Nate Cohn wrote. “Joe Biden has little support ratings astatine this signifier of his presidency than astir immoderate president successful the epoch of modern polling.”

Of course, immoderate level of dissatisfaction is emblematic for a president’s archetypal 2 years successful office. (The Virginia governor’s contention often goes against a sitting president.) But it nevertheless confirms that Republicans are wide favorites to retake some the House and the Senate successful adjacent year’s midterm elections. In that scenario, Democrats would astir apt beryllium incapable to walk astir immoderate important authorities successful 2023 and 2024.

With the elections over, the country’s governmental absorption volition instrumentality to Capitol Hill and the 2 large bills that marque up the crux of Biden’s legislative agenda, 1 a bipartisan infrastructure bill, the different a Democratic measure that would assistance middle-class families and trim pollution.

Together, the bills see a scope of policies connected which voters thin to enactment Democratic positions — similar expanding Medicare, Medicaid, pre-K and national programs to assistance make good-paying jobs.

But mean Democrats person truthful acold refused to walk the 2nd bill. And progressive Democrats person refused to walk the infrastructure measure without much assurance that the measure focused connected wellness care, acquisition and the clime would pass. The infighting has contributed to elector vexation that Biden and the Democrats aren’t utilizing their powerfulness to assistance American families.

Before the election, immoderate Democrats warned that a decision successful Virginia could marque it adjacent harder for members of Congress to travel unneurotic connected the 2 bills. Yet it’s not wide what their alternate is. Failing to walk immoderate large authorities would astir apt lend to a cognition that Democrats can’t beryllium trusted to tally Washington.

Congressional Democrats did look to marque advancement yesterday, coming to an evident statement connected a proviso that would trim prescription-drug prices. On the different hand, arsenic The Washington Post’s Karen Tumulty noted, parties that endure disappointments similar the Democrats’ past nighttime “tend to discarded a batch of clip connected recriminations, alternatively than sober reassessment.”

Whether the enactment collapses into much infighting — oregon manages to unify itself — is the biggest governmental question coming retired of past night.

Below, we springiness you much item connected predetermination results from astir the country.


Credit...Todd Heisler/The New York Times

Moderate Democrats had a amended nighttime than progressives.

Eric Adams became New York’s mayor-elect, easy winning the wide predetermination aft having relied connected an anti-crime connection to decision much progressive candidates successful the Democratic primary. In Buffalo, India Walton, a socialist moving for mayor, appears to beryllium trailing the incumbent, Byron Brown, a much mean Democrat who mislaid successful the superior but ran arsenic a write-in candidate.

In the Seattle mayor’s race, Bruce Harrell, a Democrat who called for much constabulary funding, is leading Lorena González, who endorsed cutting constabulary budgets. And a law-and-order Republican, Ann Davison, is starring Nicole Thomas-Kennedy, a self-described constabulary “abolitionist,” successful the metropolis lawyer race.

Progressives did triumph immoderate victories yesterday. Michelle Wu, a protégée of Senator Elizabeth Warren, volition go the adjacent politician of Boston. Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Dearborn, Mich., elected progressive mayors arsenic well. Larry Krasner, Philadelphia’s progressive territory attorney, easily won re-election against a Republican challenger.

And Tucson overwhelmingly passed a measurement to assistance the minimum wage to $15 an hr — different economical contented connected which the progressive presumption is fashionable nationally not lone with Democratic voters but with galore mean and Republican voters too.

Overall, though, progressives are struggling to crook their activistic vigor into galore electoral victories. They person won immoderate governmental offices successful heavy bluish places, arsenic they did again past night, but precise fewer successful plaything districts oregon states.

New York City: Alvin Bragg volition go Manhattan’s archetypal Black territory attorney, inheriting an probe into the Trump household business. Shahana Hanif, of Brooklyn, is the archetypal Muslim pistillate elected to the City Council.

Long Island: Raymond Tierney, a Republican, upset the incumbent Democrat for Suffolk County territory attorney. The contention successful neighboring Nassau County remained excessively adjacent to call.

Detroit: Mayor Mike Duggan won a 3rd term, a motion that voters o.k. of his occupation starring the metropolis retired of bankruptcy and restoring basal services similar streetlights.

Wisconsin: In a Milwaukee-area schoolhouse committee race, incumbents defeated a callback effort by blimpish candidates who opposed teaching radical equity and diversity.

You tin sojourn The Times each time for updated predetermination coverage.




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Credit...Eli Durst for The New York Times

The Rose Queen: A fairy-tale-esque contented is back successful afloat bloom.

Unfrozen: As Earth warms, ancient secrets are emerging from the ice.

A Times classic: On your adjacent trip, leave these things astatine home.

Lives Lived: In 1980, Pat Martino’s vocation arsenic a jazz guitarist seemed to beryllium astatine an extremity aft encephalon country near him with nary memory. He painstakingly relearned however to play, and went connected to bash truthful for different 3 decades. He died astatine 77.

Baseball has a slowness problem. Regular-season games are present 37 minutes longer than successful 1980 (as the illustration beneath shows), and playoff games instrumentality adjacent much time. Ten postseason games this twelvemonth person exceeded 4 hours, sometimes ending aft midnight.


Credit...Source: Baseball Reference

M.L.B. officials, disquieted that agelong games are hurting the sport’s popularity, are looking for solutions. The astir promising ideas — based connected an experimentation successful a California insignificant league — appears to beryllium a transportation clock. The clock, which gives pitchers nary much than 17 seconds to propulsion the ball, reduced games by an mean of 20 minutes.

Raúl Ibañez, a erstwhile ballplayer who present works for M.L.B., told The Ringer helium was “blown away” by the experiment’s results. “It felt similar the crippled that I grew up watching successful the 1980s.” Last night’s Game 6 of the World Series lasted 3 hours 22 minutes.

For more: The Times asked reporters and readers successful 2017 however they would velocity up baseball. They had extremist ideas. — Tom Wright-Piersanti, a Morning editor


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