Volkswagen ID. Xtreme Is an ID.4 Designed for Off-Road Duty

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The conception car gets a lifted suspension, a LED airy bar, and a bull barroom connected the beforehand bumper on with different enhancements for exploring disconnected the beaten path.

  • Volkswagen revealed the ID. Xtreme conception today, based connected a trial mule that was utilized to make the ID.4 GTX.
  • The ID. Xtreme has 87 much horsepower than a modular all-wheel-drive ID.4 astatine 382 hp, and it rides connected unsocial 18-inch wheels.
  • Other modifications see wider instrumentality arches, an LED airy bar, and a redesigned bumper with a bull barroom and aluminum underbody cladding.

Normally, erstwhile a caller conveyance debuts, the trial mules that helped make the finished merchandise are either crushed oregon tucked distant successful a warehouse similar the Lost Ark successful Indiana Jones. But Volkswagen took a antithetic attack with 1 of its trial vehicles for the ID.4. Instead, it was converted into the ID. Xtreme conception revealed contiguous successful Locarno, Switzerland, giving a sensation of what an off-road mentation of Volkswagen's electrical crossover could look like.

The conception is based connected an ID.4 GTX, which is sold arsenic the dual-motor, all-wheel-drive ID.4 successful the United States sans the GTX badge. That means the ID. Xtreme sends powerfulness to each 4 wheels, and bundle changes to the thrust power portion boost the output to 382 horsepower, 87 ponies much than the modular GTX.

The ID. Xtreme besides gets, well, much utmost looks acknowledgment to a raised suspension, 18-inch off-road wheels, and astir 2.0-inch-wider 3D-printed instrumentality arches. A butch bull barroom besides protrudes from a redesigned beforehand bumper, portion an LED airy barroom is perched atop the extortion to illuminate unsmooth terrain astatine night. A wholly closed aluminum underbody has been installed to support the artillery from pesky rocks and different debris.

The snazzy livery connected the extracurricular is seemingly mirrored by orangish accents connected the interior, though Volkswagen didn't supply immoderate photos of the cabin. Volkswagen besides says determination are redesigned seats and that galore surfaces are wrapped successful Alcantara. The ID. Xtreme has been fitted with a dependable generator successful the instrumentality good that projects immoderate benignant of driving sound created by Volkswagen's plan team, though without a recording, we tin lone conjecture astatine what it sounds like.

We uncertainty thing similar the ID. Xtreme volition ever beryllium offered by Volkswagen, though with Honda launching the TrailSport sub-brand, Subaru creating the Wilderness line, and Hyundai adding the XRT badge, off-road quality packages person go a blistery inclination and Volkswagen mightiness beryllium inclined to articulation in.

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