Volvo EX90, the XC90's Electric Replacement, Will Debut November 9

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The caller EV SUV promises to person caller driver-assistance technologies and should look overmuch similar past year's Recharge concept.

volvo recharge concept
  • Volvo's caller electrical SUV volition beryllium called the EX90.
  • This exemplary volition yet regenerate the existent XC90.
  • It debuts connected November 9 and volition apt spell connected merchantability successful the U.S. adjacent year.

Volvo has confirmed that its caller electrical flagship SUV volition beryllium called EX90, and that this caller exemplary volition debut November 9. Slated to regenerate the XC90, the EX90 should look overmuch similar past year's Recharge conception car, pictured here. We expect it to spell connected merchantability successful the U.S. sometime adjacent twelvemonth arsenic a 2024 model.

The EX90 volition accelerate Volvo's modulation to a afloat electrical lineup, arsenic it volition beryllium built astatine Volvo's mill successful South Carolina that's slated to yet nutrient lone EVs. But, since Volvo doesn't program to implicit the EV modulation until 2030, determination volition beryllium immoderate overlap betwixt the caller EX90's rollout and the extremity of XC90 production.

Volvo has not yet announced a day for the extremity of the enactment for its long-running SUV model, and adjacent said that the XC90 volition person different facelift earlier it is phased retired owed to continuing request for state engines and hybrids. The existent mentation is offered with aggregate gasoline-engine options including a basal setup with a 48-volt hybrid strategy and a plug-in-hybrid powertrain dubbed Recharge.

Details are slim connected the caller EX90 astatine this point, but Volvo is saying that it volition person thing called a "driver knowing system," which seems similar a measurement beyond today's operator attraction monitoring systems. We don't cognize precisely what this volition entail, but Volvo says the car volition beryllium capable to consciousness if the operator is "distracted, stressed, oregon drowsy" and past instrumentality enactment to help. Sounds a spot similar large member to us, but we'll hold until we perceive the details earlier passing judgment.

Look for much accusation to travel connected the 2024 Volvo EX90 implicit the adjacent fewer months.

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