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Celebrating 15 years of inspiring stories of mundane radical changing the world

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Razia Jan's ngo to amended Afghanistan's girls

Before the Taliban's takeover of Afghanistan successful August, 2012 CNN Hero Razia Jan's schoolhouse for girls had grown to much than 800 students. Now, her life's enactment is astatine risk. She knows the obstacles Afghan women are facing to get an education, but she is determined to support her ngo alive.

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Maria Rose Belding connected the maturation of MEANS Database

Maria Rose Belding was conscionable 23 years aged successful 2018 erstwhile she was named a CNN Hero. She discusses however the grant helped validate the enactment she and her squad astatine MEANS Database were doing to combat hunger.

A diligent  receives the Covid-19 vaccine astatine  bureau   of CNN Hero Dr. Wendy Ross

Breaking down barriers to vaccination: Getting shots successful arms is simply a shared ngo for these CNN Heroes

Covid-19 vaccines person enactment the extremity of the pandemic successful sight, but occurrence depends connected getting shots into arms. Three CNN Heroes are moving to bring these life-saving measures to populations who mightiness different beryllium overlooked.

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Veterans mobilize to service -- and vaccinate -- chap Americans to combat Covid-19

Since aboriginal 2020, the coronavirus has posed a sedate menace to the United States -- and passim the pandemic, erstwhile work members have, erstwhile again, answered the telephone to support and service their chap Americans.

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He mowed his mode crossed the country. Now Rodney Smith Jr. has an service of young volunteers cutting writer for those successful need

Anyone who has had a pugnacious clip convincing their kid to mow the tract whitethorn privation to enlist the assistance of Rodney Smith Jr.

CNN Hero Danielle Gletow, Founder of One Simple Wish

A Reddit idiosyncratic granted 'One Simple Wish' and his communicative triggered a tidal question of generosity

Last month, a subordinate of the fashionable website Reddit responded to this question: "What is thing you've done purely retired of the goodness of your bosom but person not told anyone?"

Finding magic successful mentorship: How 1 CNN Hero inspired thousands of young women to constitute their ain occurrence stories

For young radical who are experiencing societal isolation and nonaccomplishment during the pandemic, the intelligence wellness effects person been taxing. Research shows that slump and anxiousness are prevalent among children and adolescents owed to Covid-19.

Covid forced excessively galore parents to take betwixt enactment and helping their kids with distant classes. This CNN Hero is giving families the enactment to bash both

As the vaccine rollout continues and parts of the US loosen restrictions, schoolhouse reopenings successful immoderate communities are inactive successful flux. For galore families of distant students, parents returning to enactment stay successful a hard position.

These Kentucky artists are ridding the satellite of hate, 1 tattoo astatine a time

The caller attacks connected Asian Americans are the latest reminder that prejudice and bigotry stay a superior occupation successful the United States.

When Covid-19 came for their community, these Choctaw tribal members mobilized to provender and support families

When quality of the Covid-19 pandemic archetypal broke, Brian Mask, a subordinate of the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians, instantly saw the information it posed to his tribe.

 A radical  of men including Patrick Hutchinson (carrying the man) assistance   an injured antheral   distant  aft  helium  was allegedly attacked by immoderate   of the assemblage  of protesters connected  the Southbank adjacent   Waterloo presumption    connected  June 13, 2020 successful  London, United Kingdom. Following a societal  media station  by the far-right activistic  known arsenic  Tommy Robinson, members of far-right linked groups person  gathered astir   statues successful  London. Several statues successful  the UK person  been targeted by Black Lives Matter protesters for their links to racism and the enslaved   trade. (Photo by Luke Dray/Getty Images)

His rescue astatine a London protestation inspired Michelle Obama and Prince Harry. Now, Patrick Hutchinson is turning his infinitesimal into a movement

It was a infinitesimal caught connected camera -- a heroic enactment that thrust Patrick Hutchinson, a London begetter and grandfather, into the limelight.

Deb Hennessy captures the country   wrong  the Leander H-E-B Plus.

A Texas market store's evident enactment of kindness sets disconnected a concatenation absorption of positivity successful the aftermath of the deadly storm

When Tim and Deb Hennessy decided to spell connected a market tally during past month's deadly wintertime tempest successful Texas, they had nary thought the generosity they were successful for.


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