Washington state school district goes on strike

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From Ridgefield High School

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Educators successful a Washington authorities schoolhouse territory went connected onslaught Friday due to the fact that the teachers’ national and the Ridgefield School District (RSD) stay astatine loggerheads pursuing months of corporate bargaining negotiations.

It’s not the lone schoolhouse territory successful Washington authorities that went connected onslaught this week. Seattle teachers besides walked.

In abstracted statements, the Ridgefield Education Association (REA) and the RSD acknowledged that portion advancement was made successful their talks, the parties yet couldn’t scope an agreement.

“The territory and REA met successful bargaining sessions connected Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday this week,” the territory said successful their statement Thursday. “Despite making progress, we unluckily did not travel to an statement connected the presumption of a caller declaration and person been informed by the teachers’ national that they volition beryllium going connected onslaught starting tomorrow, Friday, September 9.”

Members of the REA voted connected August 29, with 92% support to authorize their enforcement committee to telephone a onslaught if it was deemed indispensable to scope an agreement, according to the union. On September 5, the REA enforcement committee voted to statesman striking if nary woody was reached by September 9.

“While advancement has been made toward an agreement, the RSD squad has refused to usage its disposable backing to supply much intelligence wellness supports, improvements for peculiar acquisition students and a amended programme for pupil interventions,” a media merchandise from REA said. “District leaders can’t conscionable speech astir making these a priority; solutions indispensable beryllium successful penning successful our contract.”

All schools and offices successful the RSD are presently closed, according to the district’s website, and repast services volition besides beryllium suspended until the onslaught is resolved.

The schoolhouse district, which has a existent enrollment of astir 3,850 students, sits astir 15 miles northbound of Vancouver, Washington, adjacent the Oregon border.

Bargaining teams met connected Friday and are expected to proceed negotiating done the play oregon until a tentative statement has been reached.

The Seattle Education Association, which represents astir 6,000 employees – including teachers and different schoolhouse professionals – successful the state’s largest nationalist schoolhouse district, began a onslaught connected Wednesday.

Seattle Public Schools remained closed connected Friday owed to the strike.

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