Watch A Republican Candidate Furiously Backpedal From His Own Words On Abortion

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Scott Jensen, Republican campaigner for politician successful Minnesota, is fleeing from his ain presumption against abortion aft his canvass numbers took a dive.

“I would effort to prohibition abortion,” Jensen vowed successful a March interrogation with Minnesota Public Radio. In the past, helium has besides said helium would enactment to prohibition it without exceptions for rape and incest “unless the mother’s beingness is successful danger.”

Now, with voters outraged implicit the contented aft the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, Jensen has released a caller video insisting termination is simply a “protected law right” successful the authorities and “no politician tin alteration that.”

Jensen, who trailed incumbent Gov. Tim Walz (D) by 5 points successful spring, is down by 18 points successful the latest canvass from KSTP/SurveyUSA. Abortion is believed to beryllium a cardinal crushed for it.

But he’s not alone. Multiple GOP candidates person been rushing to hide, screen up and erase their past comments connected abortion. Just past month, Blake Masters, the Republican campaigner for Senate successful Arizona, was busted toning down the anti-abortion language connected his website, adjacent erasing references to being a “100% pro-life” candidate.

Since the Supreme Court decision, polls person shown that Americans favour termination rights by a wide margin, and it’s turning into a large run contented up of November’s midterm elections.

TargetSmart, a Democratic information firm, said women are outnumbering men successful caller elector registrations successful aggregate states, including Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, Georgia and North Carolina:

Here are the states with the biggest sex spread among caller registrants since the Dobbs determination was handed down. This isn't conscionable a bluish authorities phenomena. In fact, it is much pronounced successful states wherever prime is much astatine risk, oregon has been eliminated by the decision.

— Tom Bonier (@tbonier) August 17, 2022

A Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) canvass past period recovered that portion economics remained a premier motivating factor, involvement successful termination is rising with the percent of voters who telephone termination entree “very important” up 9 points since February.

KFF president Drew Altman said successful a quality release that termination could crook into a difference-maker astatine the polls successful November, erstwhile power implicit the House and Senate volition beryllium decided.

“It’s motivating a batch of younger women to vote, and astir Democrats, fractional of independents and adjacent immoderate Republicans program to ballot for candidates who enactment termination access,” helium said.

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