Watch As Entire Jimmy Kimmel Audience Groans In Response To 1 Specific Joke

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One Jimmy Kimmel joke didn’t quite land as he had hoped when the audience reacted with groans on Wednesday night.

The moment came as Kimmel mocked Rep. George Santos (R-N.Y.), the freshman lawmaker facing investigations and calls to resign for his lies and other scandals, over news he was accused of stealing puppies from Amish dog breeders in 2017.

“George Santos is now number two on the Amish enemy list ― just below electricity,” Kimmel said. “And the big question is, what did he do with the puppies? Is this what his sweater vests are made out of?”

The audience groaned in unison.

Kimmel stood motionless for a beat, looking amused at the response.

“Don’t worry,” he reassured the audience. “It’s just a joke, guys.”

The laughs returned:

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