Watch Harry Styles Pay Tribute To Queen Elizabeth II At NYC Concert

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Harry Styles whitethorn beryllium successful the midst of a Hollywood publicity circuit and a grueling performance residency, but helium inactive recovered clip to grant his homeland’s precocious monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, with an affectional tribute.

The British popular prima paused his performance astatine New York’s Madison Square Garden Thursday to admit the queen, who died earlier that time astatine property 96.

“There’s immoderate precise bittersweet quality today: the passing of Queen Elizabeth II,” Styles told the crowd, arsenic seen successful footage shared by iHeart Radio. “Please articulation maine successful a circular of applause for 70 years of service.”

Styles, who was calved successful Redditch, England, has dominated planetary headlines this week. In summation to his sold-out “Harry’s House” performance residency, he’s acceptable to look connected the large surface alongside Chris Pine and Florence Pugh successful “Don’t Worry Darling,” which hits theaters aboriginal this month.

“Don’t Worry Darling” premiered to large fanfare astatine the 2022 Venice Film Festival successful Italy earlier this week, but its rollout has been anything but smooth.

Olivia Wilde, the film’s manager and Styles’ girlfriend, has repeatedly attempted to unopen down rumors of a behind-the-scenes fallout betwixt her and Pugh. However, Pugh was noticeably absent from a property league that preceded the Venice screening and won’t beryllium attending the movie’s New York premiere, acceptable to instrumentality spot Sept. 19.

As for Styles, helium was the taxable of heated online debate this week aft a video that appeared to amusement him spitting connected Pine went viral online. Pine’s typical has since dismissed the claim, portion Styles himself poked fun astatine the footage astatine a Wednesday concert.

Whether “Don’t Worry Darling” succeeds critically and commercially remains to beryllium seen. However, Styles volition get different accidental to beryllium his thespian chops erstwhile helium appears successful the romanticist play “My Policeman,” owed retired successful October.

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