Watch Sheryl Lee Ralph Give Jennifer Hudson A 'Dreamgirls' Tutorial

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Hot disconnected her Emmy win, Sheryl Lee Ralph dropped by “The Jennifer Hudson Show” this week to marque immoderate “Dreamgirls” magic.

Long earlier her clip connected ABC’s “Abbott Elementary,” Ralph was a blistery commodity connected Broadway, originating the relation of Deena Jones successful 1981’s “Dreamgirls.” The philharmonic was besides pivotal for Hudson, who won an Oscar for her portrayal of Effie White successful the movie adaptation successful 2007.

On Tuesday’s occurrence of her daytime speech show, Hudson asked Ralph astir her audition for Broadway director Michael Bennett arsenic good arsenic moving alongside chap “Dreamgirls” actors Loretta Devine and Jennifer Holliday, who became stars successful their ain right.

“These women successful the room, they were not singers ― they were sangers, baby,” Ralph said. “The gathering was virtually levitating disconnected the concrete, that’s however fantastic they were.”

When the show’s originative squad requested that Ralph sing “something from church,” she opted for “Ave Maria,” which received a muted response.

“I deliberation they were reasoning thing much successful the Baptist vein,” she quipped. “They did not cognize that I was a small Episcopalian girl. So I sang my small opus and I sat down.”

Moments later, Ralph requested that Hudson articulation her for an impromptu show of the musical’s rubric song, on with a mini-recreation of the archetypal choreography ― feather boa and all.

Watch Sheryl Lee Ralph’s quality connected “The Jennifer Hudson Show” below.

Elsewhere successful the interview, Ralph touched connected her goosebump-including Emmy acceptance speech, noting that her triumph “still feels amazing” much than a week later.

“I was successful implicit shock,” she recalled. “I didn’t deliberation it was me. I was determination to enactment my cast, my formed members. I thought it was going to beryllium idiosyncratic other ... I honestly bash not retrieve getting up retired of my seat. I bash not retrieve getting onto the stage.”

Of course, that didn’t mean Ralph turned up astatine the Sept. 12 ceremonial unprepared.

“Like galore of you, I person had a code prepared since I was 5 years old,” she said. “And erstwhile they called my name, each of it went retired of my head.”

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