Watch This Bone-Stock Porsche Cayenne Conquer Moab

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Who says you request to mod your rig to spell off-roading?

There's a crushed Utah's Moab is simply a mecca for off-roading enthusiasts. Its challenging trails, decades-long heritage, and legendary scenery marque it 1 of the astir entertaining places to instrumentality a truck. Though the "Hell's Revenge" way is known arsenic 1 of the much hardcore areas of Moab, this Cayenne doesn't person overmuch occupation making it through, and it's a joyousness to watch.

Harrison Schoen connected YouTube decided it would beryllium a bully thought to conquer Moab utilizing this wholly banal 2008 Porsche Cayenne S. The lone mod connected the car is simply a acceptable of 20-inch wheels wrapped successful 32-inch General Tires ATX all-terrains. Other than that, it's wholly stock, close down to the bumpers and suspension.

The Cayenne makes speedy enactment of the trail, adjacent managing to ascent up "Hell's Gate," an particularly celebrated and challenging section, without overmuch trouble. It gets dinged up a bit, but that's expected retired connected trails similar these. Even without immoderate mods, the Cayenne is an awesome rig. It packs a center-locking differential, low-range gearing, height-adjustable air-suspension, and successful the lawsuit of this Cayenne S, a torquey V-8. Combine those things with the grippy all-terrains, and you person 1 earnestly susceptible Porsche.

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