'What An A**hole!' Trevor Noah Reveals Trump's Strange New Form Of 'Infidelity'

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Trevor Noah said connected “The Daily Show” connected Tuesday that Donald Trump managed to present “one of the weirdest endorsements of each time.”

Rather than take betwixt erstwhile Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens and existent authorities Attorney General Eric Schmitt successful the Republican superior for a U.S. Senate seat, Trump this week endorsed “Eric,” archetypal sanction only, picking both.

“He could beryllium endorsing immoderate Eric successful the world,” Noah said, past corrected himself arsenic a representation of Eric Trump appeared connected the screen. “Well, not immoderate Eric, but you cognize what I mean.”

As Noah pointed out, the erstwhile president called Schmitt to accidental helium won the endorsement, past called Greitens with the aforesaid connection ― neglecting to archer each that helium was really endorsing both.

“What an asshole!” Noah said. “Turns retired the dude adjacent brings infidelity into his endorsements. He’s the archetypal person to person a broadside Eric.”

Schmitt yet won the superior Tuesday night.

See much successful his Tuesday monologue:

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