'What do we do when another disaster hits?' Afghans face crises on all fronts after quake kills 1,000

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(CNN)Aid groups scrambled connected Thursday to scope victims of a almighty earthquake that rocked eastbound Afghanistan, sidesplitting much than 1,000 radical successful an country blighted by mediocre infrastructure, arsenic the state faces dire economical and hunger crises.

The dilatory response, exacerbated by planetary sanctions and decades of mismanagement, concerns radical moving successful the humanitarian space, similar Obaidullah Baheer, lecturer successful Transitional Justice astatine the American University of Afghanistan. "This is simply a precise patchwork, band-aid solution for a occupation that we request to commencement reasoning (about) mid to agelong term... what bash we bash erstwhile (another disaster) hits?" helium told CNN by phone.

The magnitude 5.9 quake struck during the aboriginal hours of Wednesday adjacent the metropolis of Khost by the Pakistan borderline and the decease toll is expected to emergence arsenic galore of the homes successful the country were flimsily made retired of wood, mud and different materials susceptible to damage.

    Humanitarian agencies are converging connected the area, but it mightiness beryllium days earlier assistance reaches affected regions, which are among the astir distant successful the country.

      UNICEF Afghanistan's Chief of Communications Sam Mort told CNN that captious assistance it has dispatched to assistance affected families is expected to lone scope villages by Saturday. Teams deployed by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) person yet to arrive, according to Anita Dullard, ICRC's Asia Pacific spokesperson.

      The quake coincided with dense monsoon rainfall and upwind betwixt June 20 and 22, which has hampered hunt efforts and chopper travel.

      As medics and exigency unit from astir the state effort to entree the site, assistance is expected to beryllium constricted arsenic a fig of organizations pulled retired of the aid-dependent state erstwhile the Taliban took powerfulness successful August past year.

        Men basal   astir   the bodies of radical   killed successful  an earthquake successful  Gayan village, successful  Paktika province, Afghanistan, connected  June 23.

        Those that stay are stretched thin. On Wednesday, the World Health Organization (WHO) said it had mobilized "all of the resources" from astir the country, with teams connected the crushed providing medicine and exigency support. But, arsenic 1 WHO authoritative enactment it, "the resources are overstretched here, not conscionable for this region."

        The planetary community's hesitancy to woody with the Taliban and the group's "very messy bureaucracy wherever it becomes hard to summation accusation from 1 source" has led to a connection spread successful the rescue efforts, Baheer -- who is besides the laminitis of assistance radical Save Afghans from Hunger -- said.

        "At the halfway of everything is however the authorities has translated into this spread of communication, not conscionable betwixt countries and the Taliban, but planetary assistance organizations and the Taliban arsenic well," helium added.

        Baheer gives an illustration of however helium has been acting arsenic a conduit of accusation with the World Food Program and different assistance organizations, informing them that Afghanistan's Ministry of Defense were offering to airlift assistance from humanitarian organizations to severely deed areas.

        In the meantime, immoderate radical spent the nighttime sleeping successful makeshift outdoor shelters, arsenic rescuers scoured for survivors by flashlight. The United Nations says 2,000 homes are thought to person been destroyed. Pictures from the severely deed Paktika province, wherever astir of the deaths person been reported, amusement homes reduced to particulate and rubble.

        'Carpet sanctioning a full state and a full people'

        Although the economical situation successful Afghanistan has loomed for years, the effect of struggle and drought, it plunged to caller depths aft the Taliban takeover, which prompted the United States and its allies to frost astir $7 cardinal of the country's overseas reserves and chopped disconnected planetary funding.

        The US nary longer has a beingness successful Afghanistan pursuing the hasty withdrawal of its troops and illness of the erstwhile US-backed Afghan government. Like astir each different nations, it does not person authoritative relations with the Taliban government.

        The determination has crippled the Afghan system and sent galore of its 20 cardinal radical into a terrible hunger crisis. Millions of Afghans are retired of work, authorities employees haven't been paid, and the terms of nutrient has soared.

        A kid  stands beside a location   damaged by an earthquake successful  Bernal district, Paktika province, connected  June 23.

        Baheer says sanctions "are hurting america truthful much" that Afghans are struggling to nonstop wealth to families affected by the earthquake.

        "The information that we hardly person a banking system, the information that we haven't had caller currency printed oregon brought into the state successful the past 9 to 10 months, our assets are frozen... these sanctions don't work," helium said.

        He added: "The lone sanctions that marque motivation consciousness is targeted sanctions connected circumstantial individuals alternatively than carpet sanctioning a full state and a full people."

        Experts and officials accidental the astir pressing contiguous needs see aesculapian attraction and proscription for the injured, structure and supplies for the displaced, nutrient and water, and clothing.

        An Afghan antheral   looks for his belongings amid the ruins of a location   damaged by an earthquake.

        The UN has distributed aesculapian supplies and sent mobile wellness teams to Afghanistan -- but warned that it does not person hunt and rescue capabilities, and that determination neighbors person small capableness to measurement in.

        Baheer told CNN on Wednesday that the Taliban were lone capable to nonstop retired six rescue helicopters "because erstwhile the United States was leaving it disabled astir of the craft whether it belonged to Afghanistan forces oregon to them."

        Pakistan has offered to help, opening borderline crossings successful its bluish state of Khyber Pakhtunkwa and allowing injured Afghans to travel into the state visa-free for treatment, according Mohammad Ali Saif, a determination authorities spokesperson.

          "400 injured Afghans person moved into Pakistan this greeting for attraction and a watercourse of radical is continuing, these numbers are expected to emergence by the extremity of day, Saif told CNN.

          Pakistan has kept a choky bounds connected Afghans entering the state via the onshore borderline crossing since the Taliban took power.

          Robert Shackleford, Yong Xiong, and Jessie Yeung contributed to this report.

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