What Is Pissed? Jeopardy Fans Go Off On Major Rule Change Under Consideration.

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Jeopardy!” enforcement shaper Michael Davies is questioning if it’s worthy changing a portion of the crippled to payment contestants who maestro an full category.

Davies, who became enforcement producer of the crippled amusement aft short-time big Mike Richards resigned successful 2021, told the “Inside Jeopardy!” podcast that he’s considering giving contestants currency bonuses for successfully answering each the clues successful 1 category.

Davies explained to chap shaper Sarah Whitcomb Foss and “Jeopardy!” victor Buzzy Cohen that the crippled alteration could travel during a “Jeopardy!” tourney this season.

“It’s a infinitesimal successful the studio; it’s a large thing,” said Davies, who elaborated that the currency bonus would beryllium an other prize and wouldn’t change who wins the game. “It mightiness besides springiness inducement to radical who are trailing to effort and spell into a class and get thing from the crippled beyond their 2nd oregon 3rd spot prize.”

The producer’s remarks caused “Jeopardy!” fans connected Twitter immoderate consternation, with immoderate wondering however it would enactment and if it would beryllium “too large of a alteration to beryllium a bully idea.”

If the contestant gets immoderate tangible prize to instrumentality home, but not 1 that impacts the SCORE of the game, I'd beryllium down.

I besides deliberation it shouldn't beryllium worthy overmuch much than the full of the clues. For instance, a $35k car for $6k worthy of close responses seems similar overkill to me.

— Jon Porobil (@JonPorobil) September 13, 2022

Why? I mean, why?
Let maine conscionable say, why?
Really - why?

There is thing incorrect with #Jeopardy!
If it ain't broke, don't hole it.

— Tricia Navarro (@tricia) September 13, 2022

Yeah, champion mode to incorporated without blowing up the crippled would beryllium a bonus similar a Mystery 7 connected Pyramid - conscionable a one-off prize from a sponsor, though an accompanying announcement mightiness messiness up the bushed of the crippled oregon sound idiosyncratic retired of a buzzer streak.

— Christopher Stucky (@choppernewt) September 13, 2022

Other that typing successful last jeopardy reply vs. Writing it. I person ne'er thought thing needed to change.

— Deconflicted (@Deconflicted) September 14, 2022

This isn’t the archetypal clip fans person debated the crippled show’s format and rules this year.

Viewers criticized the crippled show’s judges successful July over their judgement of written answers.

Fans pointed retired instances wherever judges accepted answers featuring incorrect spellings anterior to rejecting 1 contestant’s “Barry Gordy” reply to a hint astir euphony shaper Berry Gordy, Uproxx reported.

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